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    Working as Designed Drowning in air with Gills Potion

    On the Zenith seed (master hardcore), I'm digging a hellevator (mushroom/jungle biome). I dug down into a lot of honey and had to use a Gills Potion. I don't remember if I used it before I entered the honey or while already submerged, but once I dug through so that the honey drained, I was left...
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    Resolved Slow user interface

    In both modes, I can move the cursor seamlessly between the game and other programs on my second monitor. So what's the (positive) difference between native resolution fullscreen and borderless window? If there is none, native resolution borderless window shouldn't even exist. Furthermore, it...
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    Explored map areas go black (at night?)

    So every now and then, during nighttime, I open up the map and the explored parts are covered in fog of war. If I run around, the surface center (base) remains black while certain other surface areas that I visit become uncovered again. After sunrise (or ALT+TAB even), everything explored shows...
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    Resolved Slow user interface

    ...of grenades, create platforms (or anything) in less than half the time it takes me. I have tried all settings for "Frame Skip" with no change. ** Update ** As I was typing the last sentence, I began testing other video settings: - Resolution fixed at 1920x1200 - Changing parallax did...
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    Is there a way to quickly & automatically delete lava?

    Hey. Check out dry bombs ( Liquid bombs ). It still takes forever to clear the Underworld, but I think it's the quickest way.
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    Spiders (black recluse) walking through walls!

    I don't see any blocks next to the stair, except at the top and the spider is two tiles from it. I am familiar with hoiks, but this looks different (to me).
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    Spiders (black recluse) walking through walls!

    Warning, there might be some swearing in this clip. :p It looks like they can walk through walls horizontally if they happen to be at the top of a background wall. I am guessing the required information since I have only seen Mr. Quezacotl...
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    **REPORTED** Occasional crash on alt tabbing

    Steam or GOG: GOG Single Player/Multiplayer: Single Operating System: Windows 7 Terraria Version: Controls Used: Keyboard/Mouse This seems to happen fairly randomly. I am running Terraria in fullscreen mode with 2 other fullscreen games. When I'm switching back and forth between the...
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    PC Terraria crashes when loading code comes up

    If I attempt to run Terraria without any .NET installed, it says that it requires version 4.0.30319 or later. So I install .NET 4.0.30319 and now I get this error. What are the system requirements anyway? Are you saying I have to install the latest version of everything in existance just to be...
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    Game Mechanics Better Reforges

    I fully support disabling the same modifier twice in a row: Better Reforges If I walk up to a craftsman and ask them to reforge an item, it means that I am not happy with it. So why would I pay for no change? How do I know that he did anything to it at all? I'd like to report a bug where...
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    Masterful Bat Scepter?

    So, is Masterful even a prefix that Bat Scepter can get? I have rerolled it (with discount) for about 50 platinum, gotten all other prefixes at least 7 times, some of them 3 times in a row. According to Bat Scepter , it should be able to get Masterful.
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    Other Slider for inventory/chest transparency and an option to remove the "gaps"

    Great suggestion. 1. No transparency on inventory/dye/social/equip slots. 2. The cursor shouldn't react to objects/NPCs behind inventory slots. Edit: In the image below, the wires happen to shine through buff icons and their timers (as well as the action bar being semi-transparent). Edit...
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    Items Super-sticky explosives

    I didn't think of that, but you're right. It might not be worth implementing.. I was just curious to see if others would find it practical.
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    Game Mechanics More fluid bugs

    Nah.. the pouring lava is intentional if it overflows a hammered half-block that is on the same height/row (next to) as the full lava block. The errors here are 1. lava flows diagonally ignoring the block above it, 2. fake water is stuck on the half-block instead of the fake lava pouring out...
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    Items Super-sticky explosives

    This is a semi-serious suggestion as I'm not sure just how useful it would be to most people. Bomb/dynamite + 2 gels OR sticky bomb/dynamite + gel = super-sticky bomb/dynamite It sticks to the first background wall it touches (as well as anything else.. enemies?!). It can be used to clear...
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    Items Nerf Reaver Shark

    Hardcore expert (nobody on YouTube seems to do this, so I am assuming that most people here are also playing softcore): 1. Farm 50 silver. 2. Build/find two homes. 3. Have the merchant move in. 4. Buy a bug net. 5. Farm at least 20 bugs. By now, it's dark and you have to deal with flying eyes...
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    Items Invisible Dye

    1. No, you can't hide all accessories (wings when flying, Shield of Cthulhu when dashing and so on). Anyone can fly with wings, but only a true mage can hover on its own.. or something. 2. Invisible clothes mean that at least one set of head/torso/legs have to be created.. and those body parts...
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    Items Invisible Dye

    I'm not sure what you guys are talking about. The appearance changes of the Moon Charm, Moon Shell and Celestial Shell are not applied if you don't show the accessory (click the eye to hide on PC).
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    Game Mechanics Weapon Upgrades to make weaker weapons viable.

    I had a similar idea, but slightly different. One great thing about Terraria is that most weapon mechanics are unique or have unique attributes. Both Terrarian and Wooden Yoyo are yoyos and are very similar, but there are differences too, such as string length, spin time, extra projectiles and...
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    Game Mechanics Starting class choice.

    Yo. Sorry, but one thing I love about Terraria is the lack of classes (and also experience/levels). This would break the game. It should be more dynamic, not less.
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