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  1. Snork1213

    tModLoader Shank's Mod (MOD TEAM NEEDED)

    I would like to offer my skills as a programmer and a designer. I'm a student with considerable expirience in both. C# is something I'm new to but I learn quickly. I've always wanted to get into modding Terraria but never got fully into it. If your interested my discord is Sam#7271
  2. Snork1213

    tModLoader The Some Mod

    I would publish it once you think it has progressed enough to make an impact on the game. It can be a very small impact to start, but your mod should feel significant enough to try out.
  3. Snork1213

    Items The Bloodeater

    I believe it changed since I made my comment, but maybe I was just blind before. You are correct.
  4. Snork1213

    3DS crafting

    You also need a mythril / orchalium anvil I believe.
  5. Snork1213

    Sprites Revamp the Bottles (Some sprites needed)

    Double jumps have the advantage of pairing really well with unicorn mount while wings do not. If I had the pieces I would use natural disasters in a bottle in early hardmode. Personally I don't see the purpose of the cloudnami and sandblizzard bottles. We already have baloon bundle and these...
  6. Snork1213

    tModLoader Kalciphoz's RPG Mod

    This looks gorgeous. The amount of polish and care make it look like a true add-on rather than just another mod. I've never been much for modded play but this makes me want to try
  7. Snork1213

    tModLoader Universal Crafter

    How do you create / obtain the item?
  8. Snork1213

    Items Make some use of Recall potions

    I support this. Also the ability to turn them into chaos potions would also be supported by me. I enjoy random teleporting in the world
  9. Snork1213

    Look to your right, the first thing you see you have to fight Plantera with

    Toilet paper - a whole roll of it. I got this
  10. Snork1213

    Game Mechanics Magical House

    If I understand correctly - it's like a piggy bank or safe, but instead is a house? I think the idea would take a lot of polishing on the details, but could be super cool
  11. Snork1213

    NPCs & Enemies Better Slime King summoning during Slime Rain (and slime king revamp in general)

    I support this. I feel like there has to be a place where King slime is still easier than EoC but still harder than "go 20 blocks up or walk away at a calm pace
  12. Snork1213

    Items The Bloodeater

    Question: what makes this a post planters tier if I can craft it after one mech boss is beat?
  13. Snork1213

    The Art of Projectiles ( Help )

    I would recommend looking into a basic online lesson on projectile motion. If you compare it to example projectile code you might figure it out
  14. Snork1213

    PC Expert skeletron help.

    Piece of advice: don't say things like "obvious strategy tbh" in a guide. People reading the guide are the people that haven't thought of the strategy or are struggling - so saying stuff like that is just rude.
  15. Snork1213

    My gripe with DD2, or why 1.3.4 was a mistake

    I agree the summoner sets in DD event are out of place feeling. I never realised they were overpowered because I never touched them. I actually really like the weapons added though
  16. Snork1213

    Other Blood Moon & Traveling Merchant Regularity

    I was gonna say I never have a problem getting blood moon items (and it's true), but I actually really like the idea. Traveling merchant I'm less convinced on. But I bet something could work out
  17. Snork1213

    Weapons & Equip Buffed Breaker Blade?

    I always thought the point of the breaker blade was to be high size and knockback, not damage. However I still think it's the weakest WoF drop so I agree
  18. Snork1213

    tModLoader Eleportalmods: A gun extension mod.

    It feels to me like too many guns are in the post skeletron area of progression. After beating skeletron I'll suddenly have a bunch of guns but I assume I'll only need 1 or 2.
  19. Snork1213

    PC MERCENARY NEEDED (5 platinum is offered)

    I can help. Do you want someone with end game gear or someone on the destroyers level?
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