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    PC Fastest Terrarian ever! (portal gun speed boosts)

    If the damage formula I got for the lance holds, it would do ~2 million damage a hit non crit.
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    PC Fastest Terrarian ever! (portal gun speed boosts)

    Just a stack of teleporters in a shaft filled with water. I tried so many different configuration and mechanisms to get around the limitation that going up doesn't trigger pressure plates.......until I found out that just going fast enough will bypass that limitation. After that it , the design...
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    PC Let's Make Some Hard Drives!

    I believe that happened because there was no light on the wires. You can see the wires in game without light when you have them set to 'bright', but the camera doesn't seem to pick them up. Mecmod had a setting almost exactly like this and had the same problem.
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    An elevator

    This puts the elevators I built before to shame with its simplicity. T_T I'm actually surprised that it'll push you up at 45 tiles/s. Maybe it's because you have more than 2 solid blocks underneath you? Gonna have to see if this'll work with the portal gun station.
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    Portal Gun Station Wiring Systems

    As it is now, no. The projectile speed causes the gates to to puff smoke. I tried at first, but I was getting numbers like 3 - 20 acts/s. (which was clearly wrong) They were still numbers, however, (not odd configurations of segments) so that tells me its breaking at the counter. I'll have...
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    Portal Gun Station Wiring Systems

    Just for information purposes: The portal gun station looks to have a cool down of 30 ticks. I activates again on tick 31, which is consistent with what I've seen with mob statue cool down. The projectile travels ~350 tiles in 1 second, which is 5.83 tiles per tick. It can activate all teal...
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    Question Hello again, A question, and 'wireless' contraptions?

    Just found out the the Portal Gun Station activates teal plates too, and its a lot faster than a dart trap. (can fire in more than one direction too)
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    PC Play Tic Tac Toe in Terraria!

    Would this work as a stop when the game was won? Or am I just showing you something you've already tried?
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    PC Day Counter

    I have a tendency to spread the contraptions I build across multiple worlds, so prolly not. It actually took a few minutes to cycle through all the numbers with a 60 act/s engine when I was testing to see if all the wiring was right. I made that up my self. Went through each number and figured...
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    Player Friendly Lava Pit Trap

    This solves my biggest issue with lava moats: me forgetting to turn the bridge on/off. My NPC's are under house arrest, so their not allowed to travel.
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    PC Day Counter

    I made this after seeing this thread from @Eternalserenity, I had the idea to make something to count how many in-game days have past. I also used @MageKing17 's design with the faulty lamps from the same thread. Not sure if my design with the display is good, but its the best I could come up...
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    1.3.1 Feedback and Bugs Section

    Is the block and wall placement range/speed component of the Architect's Gizmo supposed to work in the inventory? (not equipped) The painting part works fine from the inventory, but the other aspects of it are only working when equipped.
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    Your 1.3.1 Update Reactions and Discoveries!? (Plus detailed info and links.)

    The Grand Design is the god tier wiring implement. No more hunting for wrenches in your inventory No more having to pick up cut wire No more having to cut all the wires to get at that red wire you ran wrong Easy straight lines (I can't make straight wires line to save my life) Running...
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    PC I have found something interesting with portals.

    enemies can't be moved with the portal gun, unfortunately
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    PC I have found something interesting with portals.

    I had noticed this a while ago while helping someone with....something (I forget what >_>). Glad someone else found it, too Also works with falling from above.
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    PC Fastest Terrarian ever! (portal gun speed boosts)

    With every change I made I did a few rounds of testing. This is where I end up after filling most of the track up with honey. (included the wires so you can see where the teleporters are) How I skip all those pressure plates (18 of them) at only 1000 mph, I dunno. I guess I could have...
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