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  1. SuperZ007

    Razer Chroma Support

    Over here with an office keyboard
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  3. SuperZ007

    Hardmode is too difficult in comparison to pre-hardmode?

    It's pretty easy, just get some good late prehardmode or early prehardmode gear
  4. SuperZ007


    How long was I dead for?
  5. SuperZ007

    I use gog version

    I use gog version
  6. SuperZ007

    rip terraria crashes

    rip terraria crashes
  7. SuperZ007

    Other Raise the fps cap

    Raise the fps cap to 120+ so I can get sweet motion blur :D :D :D
  8. SuperZ007

    First Time in Terraria

    watch yrimir
  9. SuperZ007

    im bored help

    im bored help
  10. SuperZ007

    Terraria Bad Ideas

  11. SuperZ007

    Hot Topic Which Mechanical Boss is the Hardest?

    all i gotta say is spazmatism is the easiest mechanical boss
  12. SuperZ007

    2000000000000000000 luminite

    2000000000000000000 luminite
  13. SuperZ007

    Hot Topic Which Mechanical Boss is the Hardest?

    None. The twins got quickdropped in 30 seconds. Skeletron prime stuck in one place got ez'd. Destroyer, I don't even need to explain.
  14. SuperZ007

    help me

    alright, im fine with it
  15. SuperZ007

    Game Mechanics Chests

    Let chests turn into christmas presents during the week of Christmas! The color of the presents depend on the color of the chests.
  16. SuperZ007

    help me

    it's possible in minecraft
  17. SuperZ007

    help me

    60fps is bad when you can get 1000 fps
  18. SuperZ007

    help me

    HELP, I only get 60fps in terraria! I tried using amd catalyst center game booster, got a 144hz monitor, set the game priority to high, and even overclocked my cpu and gpu! Yet I still only 60fps which is CRAP! Help me get more than 60 fps!
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