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    Texture Pack High Definition version of all textures up to Terraria

    Thise looks so nice!, with map do i need to replace, on github i see multiple downloads, sorry noob in thise, i thinks its only the texture pack? Edit: Ive found it out, thise looks NEAT!!! So nice!, thanks for your effort, and hope your going to update it with the new updates they come with...
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    Switch Aiming with ranged weapons

    Totally agree, hope they add a fix in the other patch.
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    Switch Quick bar

    Hey all, Ive played at a friend his house on the ps4 version, If you hold the R1 or L1 button, then there is an quick bar a round one to sellect stuff fast. Can you also turn that on in the switch version? Or will it be implented in the next patch or so? Thank! :) Great game! ;)
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    Switch Smoother aim control's for aim weapon's.

    Hey all, I have the switch pro controller, but it is very hard to aim stuff. Like a bow, you can to left right up down, but in between it's hard to aim. They need to make it more fluid. Is there a setting for? Or are they working on it in a patch? ^^
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    Switch Aiming with ranged weapons

    That's exactly what I thought. I have the same, also with the pro controller. They need to balance it better out. Hope they do something with thise hose feedback.
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    Resolved [Switch] Game froze after 3 min.

    Play it undocked at thise moment. Ive restarten the game multiple times and last time i waited fore some time, and then the game continue. Also after i saved and load the game it works fine now.
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    Resolved [Switch] Game froze after 3 min.

    I wanted to make a photo of the freeze and when i shot is the game continue. So lets hope it stay thise way. And now it works correctly. So wait some minutes and i hope the game will continue.
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    Resolved [Switch] Game froze after 3 min.

    Hey all, I brought the switch version an created a large world. When the game is loaded, you can play for 3 min. Then the game stutter, and then the game freeze. Then you cant do a thing. I still can go to the console menu and restart the game. But it end up the same. Ive also allraidy...
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