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  1. Goldobsidian

    tModLoader Terrarian Dreamkeepers

    I can understand that, as a bit of a modder myself Iv become very use to working alone and getting very little help outside of an occasional bug report from followers. As far as what your going to do with the mod I cant wait to see, so far yours has been one of the most impressive and...
  2. Goldobsidian

    tModLoader All the Walls

    I relocated some of a spider biome I found, I found it did not work at all in the surface or sky, but I put it down in the underground and web began to spawn. I have yet to see a spider spawn though, might be too small of a relocation but compaired to other biomes which only need 200, the 400...
  3. Goldobsidian

    tModLoader Terrarian Dreamkeepers

    Hello, I just want to say I love your mod. I am a fan of dreamkeepers, and of course im a furry too so it gives me two things terraria doesnt have that I love so way to go ^.^ I dont know if it is a bug or just my luck but I have only ever gotten Dave to spawn. I havent tried getting them both...
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