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    Weapons & Equip Summoner's Summons & Summonings

    @Philosophical Hobbit A hallowed equivalent would be nice but I think the tiki armor can do that just as well if it was available post-mech. I do like the idea of using the new sandbiome as a item pool for summoners since it has a lot to offer and feels very empty/useless atm.
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    Weapons & Equip Summoner's Summons & Summonings

    Well, the actual first melee armor is shadow/crimson Everything underneath that tier is defense only (Or throwing from ninja and fossil) Mages have the luxury of making their own robes, staves, and having magic gear from the traveling merchant. Or they can brave the jungle early on and get...
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    Weapons & Equip Summoner's Summons & Summonings

    @Demon Master Slime staff started out more as a fun new gimmick for players (Like the Slime Umbrella) rather than a fully fleshed out idea. They need to make the upgrade path for summoners more in pace with that of other classes as currently summoners are by far the last class to get anything...
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    Weapons & Equip Summoner's Summons & Summonings

    @Nitku Thank you :3 I hope more people see this and keep trying new ideas to streamline the summoner @SwaggyBadger That would be an option, creating a new beginner tier summon item.
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    Weapons & Equip Summoner Gear, easy new features to add.

    This thread: It's all about how to make summoner progression more smoother and in-line with every other class.
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    Let's all think improve summoner progression...

    Let's all think improve summoner progression!
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    Weapons & Equip Summoner's Summons & Summonings

    @Clide_Vanguard Yeah, the underworld needs a re-purposing post-hm since every biome pretty much does.
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    Is Warding worth it in Expert mode?

    Defense is defense/2=mitigation on normal. Expert it is defense * .75 = mitigation. So, defense is worth more as you gain a more mitigation per armor point in expert. Mobs increase in strength as you progress (aka, beat bosses) and not your own stats.
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    Weapons & Equip Summoner's Summons & Summonings

    What a Summoner is and isn't A class that relies on minions rather than a vast arsenal of weaponry A class that relies on arenas, skillful dodging, and potion chugging Is not a class that should have a pew pew weapon Does not need as many viable paths as other archetypes * Fresh Tier Slime...
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    PC Best Summoner Staff?

    So, We got three new staffs. Celestial Dragon is awesome for multitarget and bosses But there is some debate amongst others whether to use Starcell or Xeno staff. I find that the Starcell does more damage, is faster, and tends to infect multiple mobs. Xeno staff focuses and shoots faster but it...
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    Anyone else disappointed about throwing?

    Throwing is currently like summoner when first introduced. More of a new gimmick than anything. More throwing armors should be created (One pre fossil, a few HM) as well as more end game consuambles. Boomerangs and yo-yos should be changed to throwing as well since melee really doesn't need em...
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    PC [Discuss] Best Loadouts 1.3

    Summoner Stardust Dragon (Full dragon for Bosses) Stardust Spheres (For general mobbing and events if you're not hiding) All Turret Summons (Cause why not) Anything you can easily spam for extra damage (Possesed Hatchet, Meowmere, Astral Fury, Most mage spells with a mana flower) Portal Gun...
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    Weapons & Equip Throwing Upgrades?

    Is this throwing set a gimmick like summoner was when it was first introduced? Boomerangs, Yo-yos, and consumable throwable weapons should all be switched over to throwing damage as well as have a 2-4 extra sets of throwing armor past Fossil Armor so it is viable end-game. Or am I completely...
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    Biomes & Nature [Sprites] The Confection: The Desserted Land- An Alternate Hallow

    No new biomes? That's a shame. That's the dream. If anything, I'd love to see this as a mod at least, and make it head-cannon :3
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    Biomes & Nature [Sprites] The Confection: The Desserted Land- An Alternate Hallow

    So... when is @Cenx confirming this in 1.3? This is just perfect... Officially my favorite biome.
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    NPCs & Enemies Pots and Boulders, more ways to kill you! [Sprites]

    I demand the implementation of these in 1.3 :3 Just amazing and fits well with Terraria's general makeup.
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    Private Playthrough Parters Wanted

    Steam: Mr.Door I'm down for a new playthrough :3
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