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  1. CrimsonKeeper

    Mobile Should i make a new main world for 1.3

    I want to know so i can make teleporter system and more. I dont want to waste time on a world ill get rid of aftee.
  2. CrimsonKeeper

    Mobile Chlorophyte farm help

    I've recently made a cholophyte farm but I dont think its working. Here it is.
  3. CrimsonKeeper

    Items Desert Key Mold

    Wow never relized each chest supported a class!
  4. CrimsonKeeper

    Items Desert Key Mold

    Most biomes have a key mold. The Jungle, Hollow, Corruption/Crimson, and even the Snow! Considering underground deserts exist. I think the desert deserves a key mold! The item in the chest would maybe be.... SandStorm Blaster Basicly it would be a magic wepon. It would shoot small sand...
  5. CrimsonKeeper

    Mobile Which feature from 1.3 are you the most excited about?

    Im just hoping for being able to toggle visibly for accessories and dying them too
  6. CrimsonKeeper

    Should I get terraria for PC?

    I have terraria on Moblie and console (PS3) Now my mother said once she's done with her Mac book for school, she might give it to me, now I know I'm going to get Minecraft, FNAF world, and such. But should or get terraria or wait on it. There might be other PC games that are only for PC that I...
  7. CrimsonKeeper

    NPCs & Enemies Omega Devil (Underworld Boss

    We can always use more bosses so how about a hardmode Underworld boss. Omega Devil. Things need to spawn: Must have beaten Duke fisheron, Need Devils bait. Devils Bait: Comsumable, Rare drop from All Underworld enemies. The omega Devils's battle style is a mix of the moon lord, and...
  8. CrimsonKeeper

    PS3 Online Forums world.

    i jus got Terraria for my PS3 and was wondering if anyone wants to hangout in Terraria. PSN: HAROBRINEKILLER No invite needed just hop right need. I don't got the best stuff. I have a katana and a GI andromeda thus arrmor. Bizard in the bottle. I o lay beat the eye of Cluthu. Hope to meet...
  9. CrimsonKeeper

    Play Station Network Usernames

    PSN: HAROBRINEKILLER Just got Terraira for my PS3 for Christmas. :D
  10. CrimsonKeeper

    Mobile Mobile 1.2.4 LIVE in the next 24-48 hrs

    Should I do pumpkinmoon... Or frostmoon... Or maybe duke first? Idk...
  11. CrimsonKeeper

    Mobile Mobile 1.2.4 LIVE in the next 24-48 hrs

    Rods,Fish,Size of lake, Armor, accessories. Most are gotten or can help by doing angler quest.
  12. CrimsonKeeper

    Mobile Mobile 1.2.4 LIVE in the next 24-48 hrs

    So I got the travling merchant...
  13. CrimsonKeeper

    How to I make terraria PIXLE art?

    i don't know where this go's so I'm putting here. Basicly I want to know how I can do terraria art like the one people put in the seggestions treads. I got an iPad and a Crome book. So help a terrain out!
  14. CrimsonKeeper

    Mobile Mobile 1.2.4 LIVE in the next 24-48 hrs

    What m8? Try making a new world and spraying the who,e jungle in dark blue solution. I got about 5 truffle worms. Plus you get glowing snails.
  15. CrimsonKeeper

    Mobile Mobile 1.2.4 LIVE in the next 24-48 hrs

    I got 10 gold coins and lesser mama potions from that golden crate.. Plus I would do a lets play but.. 1. I still can't make a YouTube channel ( a second one since I have one based off SML (Super Mario Logan) 2. Can't record screen on IPad bro
  16. CrimsonKeeper

    NPCs & Enemies Water serpent (Pre-Hardmode boss)

    It doesn't spawn right after. You know randomly sometimes the eye of Cluthu spawns. It's random
  17. CrimsonKeeper

    NPCs & Enemies Water serpent (Pre-Hardmode boss)

    when ever I lookin my trophy room I see hardly any pre-hardmode trophys. One for there respective biome... I don't see any for ocean though... How about a pre-hardmode boss for the ocean biome?! Water serpent. (Sorry for no art, can't do it.) The water serpent can spawn on its own after...
  18. CrimsonKeeper

    Mobile List of Bugs in the Current Terraria Update

    There's a glitch where for some random reason your items turn to bait. They stay there item like dirt or armored cave fish but saying like. 10% bait power, 25% Bait power, Ect. To not cause further problems I just trash the items. You could also sell or exit terraria and come back
  19. CrimsonKeeper

    Mobile NPC Housing Ideas

    I built boxs. But I added different wallapers and wepon frames and such to make it look a little cool
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