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  1. LeeTheTerrarian

    PC Anyone wanna create a world w/ me?

    Looking for someone to start a new expert world with Preferably from the UK and on at similar times Add me on steam if you're interested leerowson
  2. LeeTheTerrarian

    Anyone wanna play Terraria? Add me on steam: leerowson

    Anyone wanna play Terraria? Add me on steam: leerowson
  3. LeeTheTerrarian

    Hi everyone :)

    Hi everyone :)
  4. LeeTheTerrarian

    Texture Pack High Definition version of all textures up to Terraria

    This is a fantastic texture pack, I have only found 1 flaw, which doesn't affect gameplay, just thought I'd mention it: The buttons are blurry, but can still be understood. The rest of this texture pack is amazing and I think it adds a real HD and smooth aspect to the game. Unlike many...
  5. LeeTheTerrarian

    PC Meet me!

    Hello Terrarians, My name is Lee, and I am a loyal Terraria player. I recently hit 200 hours game time on Terraria, I know compared to others that is not a long time, but is a big achievement to me. I am from the United Kingdom (no I am not posh) and recently signed up to the terraria forums...
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