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  1. Purpulear

    depends on the day

    depends on the day
  2. Purpulear

    Sprites Glow Masks For Missing Mechanical Boss Parts

    This is a pretty niche request; I would like the remaining mechanical boss parts that don't have a glow mask texture to get one. I get it would be redundant and impossible to do this for every texture that currently doesnt have one. But for the mechanical bosses specifically, I think it would be...
  3. Purpulear

    Blocks & Decoration Post ML Coating That Makes Tiles (Almost) Unbreakable.

    I could go with or without the paint scraper. I don't think the painter being around is vital to most adventure maps. So, it shouldn't be that accessible. As for griefing, I'd say it's still way more inconvenient to have to paint scrape everything 1 by 1 before being able to blow it up. But I'm...
  4. Purpulear

    Blocks & Decoration Post ML Coating That Makes Tiles (Almost) Unbreakable.

    Basically, a coating that will make tiles unbreakable unless you have 225% pickaxe power. So, the luminite tier pickaxes. (Or if you use paint scraper first) I think this would be a useful tool for map makers. Or even some mini game creations. As this would also protect builds from tile...
  5. Purpulear

    Weapons & Equip Suggestion for Terraria 2 about Weapon Balancing.

    I'm not sure if suggestions for the sequel are even allowed here. But this seems like it's okay here. And I thought I'd throw it out there because I believe the sequel is still in brainstorming phase? Anyway, the main idea: Weapon Scaling Similar to Dead Cells Premise is basically, every...
  6. Purpulear

    Weapons & Equip An Accessory that allows the Wearer to have a customizable afterimage

    THIS. Really anything to add those armor effects we never see. They haven't really been noticed since vanity was added.
  7. Purpulear

    Texture Pack Wall of Lesion (Corrupion Wall of Flesh)

    I can't find the flesh chain texture lol. If someone knows whats it called I can change it. But it might be used by the Twins too.
  8. Purpulear

    Texture Pack Wall of Lesion (Corrupion Wall of Flesh)

    Heres something no one asked for: Corruption Wall of Flesh. Simple change but I thought it was cool enough to do. Replaces wall of flesh sprites. Map icon. Treasure bag. And trophy. Download:
  9. Purpulear

    Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

    Went with something a bit more simple and fun :) Here is my entry Edit: Some comments on reddit pointed out that it looks like the queen of England a bit. That is actually a huge coincidence but you can totally view it that way.
  10. Purpulear

    Wyatt The Guide - Don't Starve Together

    What forum should it go in then?
  11. Purpulear

    Wyatt The Guide - Don't Starve Together

    Heads up; not a mod for Terraria but instead a mod for Don't Starve Together themed around Terraria. I read through the rules and I think this would go here out of everything else. But i'm not too entirely sure. This mod adds in the Guide from Terraria as a playable character. Under the name...
  12. Purpulear

    For The CC! :D

    For The CC! :D
  13. Purpulear

    What if Terraria got a Fighter in Smash?

    Not really sure where to put this so I'm posting it in this thread. I think this ones works. If not sorry ^^; Firsts thing first. Who'd be the fighter? The default player, a npc, a boss? Well it'd be a NPC, the Guide. Why the Guide? Well, unlike Minecraft the default skin isn't treated like a...
  14. Purpulear

    PC Mod Idea. -Expanded Vanilla (Wip)

    Ah alright I'll do that. Didn't know there was a actual mod in development. I was just looking at the DD2 weapons and armor when I thought of a sentry class. Definitely eill talk to them and the Thorium mod crrators if I ever start.
  15. Purpulear

    PC Mod Idea. -Expanded Vanilla (Wip)

    So this is a idea i've been talking about to friends. And this is all about what id like to see in vanilla. If I ever learn to mod this is the first thing i'm going to make. The Basic Idea: This mod would expand throwing class, fix summoner, add thorium's idea for a healer and bard class. And...
  16. Purpulear

    Game Mechanics The Problems with Summoner

    Ah yes it really does. Even without this change suggested.
  17. Purpulear

    Game Mechanics The Problems with Summoner

    While most players can agree that summoner is need of a face lift. With the lack of items and armor available. But no one has seemingly talked about the game play problems with summoner. The entire difficulty lies within grinding out to get to the next summon weapon. Rather than actually using...
  18. Purpulear

    New Terraria Console & Controller Skin Design Available

    Can we get this for the Switch?
  19. Purpulear

    tModLoader Expanded Sentries

    Man I really want new classes in vanilla. And for throwing to be expanded upon. And I thought well they can't have a odd number of towers. Maybe we need another one. When I though of Sentry. I figured. Well the mechanics are all there. So I went to see if anyone modded it yet and here it is! I...
  20. Purpulear

    tModLoader WeaponOut

    would be cool if we had a option for the way we hold our weapons. Like for the swords and staffs mainly. I think the summoner weapons should be held out like magic staffs. And have the swords be the same optionally.
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