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  1. tornado547

    Game Mechanics Reforging Table

    why? how is it any different from just using the tinkerer
  2. tornado547

    Weapons & Equip Cross class weapons - Weapons from one class that help another

    In the endgame, the pillar fragments unrelated to your class aren't very useful. This suggestion adds 2 weapons/accessories for each pair of classes to allow you to use aspects of those other classes to your advantage
  3. tornado547

    Sprites New Healer Class!

    I like the idea,but the thrower class isn't even done yet. We should finish that first
  4. tornado547

    The Never-Ending Story

    But the tea made him vomit the god Zeus. Zeus lightning struck all the teacups
  5. tornado547

    tModLoader Alchemy Mod

    The project's dead, but I can post the source if you want it The projct is dead, unless someone wants to pick it up.
  6. tornado547

    Other Game Pokémon

    Absol, Lugia, and the Totodile line.
  7. tornado547

    Let's Make a Story!

    and destroyed the
  8. tornado547

    Let's Make a Story!

  9. tornado547

    Music What music do you listen to?

    Whatever the marching band show this year is.
  10. tornado547

    Ulterraria suggestions!

    Is this in the right place?
  11. tornado547

    Other Controller Support

    It's here
  12. tornado547

    tModLoader Crafting recipes only show up if a different item is in your inventory.

    I would like to make it so, in my Alchemy Mod, you can only craft certain recipes if you have a different (modded) item in your inventory. How do I do that
  13. tornado547

    dodge the person above you

    I develop weight loss pills that actually work. I use Math to bore you to sleep, then stab u.
  14. tornado547

    dodge the person above you

    I run through Sid's house. I through you through the garbage disposal
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