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  1. Al Fahrel

    Terraria Launch on Nintendo Switch

    Hey! I wanted to ask, where am I supposed to submit bug reports? Couldn't find a link anywhere
  2. Al Fahrel

    tModLoader Apotheosis & Friends

    Listen, listen, listen: Apotheosis + JoostMod's Doom Cannon You're the only one that can do it I believe in you
  3. Al Fahrel

    tModLoader Grox The Great's Mods O' Magic Revamped

    The Bone Musket uses up infinite ammos (tested with InfinityMod's endless exploding bullets)
  4. Al Fahrel

    tModLoader The Enigma Mod

    How do you activate effects like Featherfall, Spelunker, Hunter and Dangersense with Stones and Gems? The Spelunker crystal for example says that, on later upgrades, I will have to "use" to activate the effect, but I have no idea what to use and how. Using the gems and stones with left click has...
  5. Al Fahrel

    CC Creation Compendium #62

    Great Compendium, everyone! @Dioramos I've got to ask, what mod are the long red table (under the Pillar windows) and the reindeer trophy (in the room next to it) from?
  6. Al Fahrel

    tModLoader Erilipah

    Sorry if it's in italian, it's the best I could do, but I can't load the mod anymore because this happens: Riferimento a un oggetto non impostato su un'istanza di oggetto. in Erilipah.NPCs.Dracon.GetName() in C:\Users\erict_000\Documents\My Games\Terraria/ModLoader\Mod...
  7. Al Fahrel

    Terraria: Otherworld This is the End: Otherworld Development Cancelled

    Godspeed, Otherworld You will live on, in everything the Terraria team and fanbase will make
  8. Al Fahrel

    tModLoader Better Buffs

    What about a way to "Favorite" (de)buffs so that they are easier to tell apart from other ones? (Golden corner, bigger icon, also somewhere else on screen, you name it) When you have lots of buffs and debuffs, it's a bit hard to take a look at the ones you need; say, for example, the Potion...
  9. Al Fahrel

    tModLoader GabeHasWon's Mod

    Whoops, I thought I had already reloaded, my b
  10. Al Fahrel

    tModLoader GabeHasWon's Mod

    The Chaos Armor hotkey teleport works Problem is, I have no idea what the Chaos Armor is I press the hotkey, I teleport, no matter what That's a problem
  11. Al Fahrel

    Happy Birthday, man!

    Happy Birthday, man!
  12. Al Fahrel

    tModLoader Painted Hills - Tie dye your worlds

    I'd love an option to only paint the overground. I love actual painted hills but hell if this makes spelunking a lot harder
  13. Al Fahrel

    tModLoader Luiafk - Unlimited/Combinable Potions, Autobuilding stuff and more

    They don't get comsumed when you have over a certain amount of them, there's no actual "Unlimited Healing Potion"
  14. Al Fahrel

    tModLoader Item Checklist - In-game 100% item collection checklist

    Where can I find the announce toggle? The mod doesn't seem to have a config file
  15. Al Fahrel

    SiIva as usual I see

    SiIva as usual I see
  16. Al Fahrel

    tModLoader Can anyone please pass me an Expert, Small world with Spirit Mod worldgen?

    Nope, if I could I would have directly edited it insted of the first post Rip me
  17. Al Fahrel

    tModLoader Luiafk - Unlimited/Combinable Potions, Autobuilding stuff and more

    Nope, you're not alone This mod adds a lot of incredibly useful items, but it also comes with these mechanics, and I'd like it if there was a way to deactivate them without deenabling the mod
  18. Al Fahrel

    tModLoader Buffed damage over time debuffs

    For some reason, it always appears in the mods that yet have to be updated Like, if I update it and reload the Browser, it shows that I can update it again Idk that's pretty odd
  19. Al Fahrel

    Beta Tester Application

    Time to put my 1000 (more or less) Terraria hours on test. Good luck everyone!
  20. Al Fahrel

    tModLoader Luiafk - Unlimited/Combinable Potions, Autobuilding stuff and more

    Lmao rip my dumb :red: I couldn't get to the Mod Browser because this happened as soon as the loading, I should have guessed there could have already been a solution there
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