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  1. Flubman

    Game Mechanics Double the amount of ammo slots

    I fully support this. Bait alone makes more ammo slots necessary.
  2. Flubman

    Items More Plant Seeds and a Way to Place Thorny Bushes

    The Dryad can sell many different kinds of flower seeds, but it'd be nice if she could sell seeds for plants such as Bamboo, Seaweed, and Sea Oats. I think builders would appreciate it, too. I'd also like to have a way to manually place Thorny Bushes (perhaps with a wand of some sort). These...
  3. Flubman

    Blocks & Decoration More Monoliths

    I'm bumping because I added crafting recipes.
  4. Flubman

    Working as Designed Arms Dealer Won't Sell Cavern Pylon in Aether

    I built a proper house and everything. He's by the Nurse. My Depth Meter says I'm underground. But he'll only sell me the Jungle Pylon, not the Cavern Pylon, which is really annoying.
  5. Flubman

    Game Mechanics Increase the Number of Ammo Slots

    Well, there are a bunch of different types of bait now, what with Enchanted Nightcrawlers and whatnot.
  6. Flubman

    Game Mechanics Increase the Number of Ammo Slots

    I'm not sure how feasible this would be (UI changes in Terraria are notoriously difficult to do), but four slots doesn't really cut it anymore with all the different types of ammo and bait. I say change it to somewhere between 8 and 12 slots, but I'd like to hear others' opinions.
  7. Flubman

    Game Mechanics Make Goblin Armies and Pirate Invasions Not Spawn Naturally After Defeating them Once

    Unwanted invasions can be pretty annoying because they can eat up an entire in-game day. And when it comes to the Goblin Army, there's no real reason to fight it more than once in PHM, and even if you want to, summoning it is easy now because of the massive increase to Goblin Scout spawns. I do...
  8. Flubman

    NPCs & Enemies Make Plantera Drop Two Weapons Every Time You Kill Her

    Since when was fighting a boss over and over again overpowered?
  9. Flubman

    NPCs & Enemies Make Plantera Drop Two Weapons Every Time You Kill Her

    I like this idea, but I doubt the devs will implement it.
  10. Flubman

    Items Remove Sound Effects from Player Sensors and Announcement Box Messages

    As of now, they're pretty loud, and the sounds they make ruin some wiring setups because said setups need these components AND silence. Furthermore, trying to make announcement boxes quieter causes lag, and there isn't much benefit to the player to these components producing sound in the first...
  11. Flubman

    NPCs & Enemies Make Mystic Frogs Immune to Enemies

    The Mystic Frog is notoriously troublesome to encounter. I've heard stories of it taking upwards of an hour to spawn. Imagine waiting an hour to see one, and a Jungle Slime kills it. Making it immune to enemy damage would prevent this. Also, if the far more common Truffle Worm got this change...
  12. Flubman

    Game Mechanics Allow Players to Get Out of Minecarts by Right-Clicking on Them

    Yeah, this suggestion was :red:. Sorry about that.
  13. Flubman

    Game Mechanics Allow Players to Get Out of Minecarts by Right-Clicking on Them

    I don't know if this is a bug or a lack of a feature, but I think it would be nice if you could do this, especially since you can right-click to get in one.
  14. Flubman

    NPCs & Enemies Make Plantera Drop Two Weapons Every Time You Kill Her

    Plantera only has seven drops that conflict with each other, which wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact that she has the most troublesome spawn method of any of the bosses. If a similar change was made with Moon Lord, I think the same could be done with Plantera.
  15. Flubman

    Weapons & Equip Increase Charged Blaster Cannon's, Laser Drill's, and Anti-Gravity Hook's Drop Rates

    I understand why these items were taken out of the Saucer's drop pool; that boss had too many items. However, a 1/800 chance is quite low and would likely require the player to make multiple attempts to see even one of these items, let alone all three. I also think it's a shame that Charged...
  16. Flubman

    Weapons & Equip Increase Ancient Horn's Drop Rate

    Ancient Horn's drop rate is a mere 1/50 chance from a single enemy type. Combine this with HM Underground Desert being the absolute worst in the universe, and it's easy to see why so many players don't bother getting it. What makes it worse is that this is pretty much the only piece of HM...
  17. Flubman

    Secret World Seed Cursed Rod of Discord

    I came up with an idea I think Red would appreciate. On FTW/GFB worlds, chests can rarely contain a Cursed Rod of Discord. It looks exactly like a Rod of Discord but has none of the functionality, and if you attempt to use it or put it in your inventory, it instantly kills you. However, if you...
  18. Flubman

    Items Make Goodie Bags More Common

    Yeah, I don't think this is the most meaningful suggestion I've made. Goodie Bags' drop rate isn't the issue here. It's that you can generally only play one in-game day of Halloween/Christmas at a time. My previous suggestion is better: Game Mechanics - Let Beating the Pumpkin/Frost Moon Give...
  19. Flubman

    Items Make Goodie Bags More Common

    I generally don't build farms. It's probably much easier to get them if you do so.
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