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  1. NikNotNoob

    tModLoader Losing is Fun - A fairness mod

    One thing... nerf... the... nurse... please!
  2. NikNotNoob

    PC 1.3 Achievement Suggestions!

    A piece of Pumpking pie: Get to the final wave of the pumpkin moon. I am the guardian!: Kill the dungeon guardian (although if anyone can find a better name, it would be nice). Full mana: Get full mana stars. Full health... for now: Get to 400hp. Full health... for real: Get to 500hp. Ice...
  3. NikNotNoob

    Console The Frost Moon Rises Today!

    So many bugs! The items on the ground despawn when you go too far. At least I was able to get the Grinch's mischief whistle from my first ice queen! :p
  4. NikNotNoob

    Console The Frost Moon is Rising on Console!

  5. NikNotNoob

    Console The Frost Moon is Rising on Console!

    But there are no coin guns on console edition The Terra blade will not be auto swung in another update or two. And also, me too I was tired because I have every single item in the game. This is gonna be great! :)
  6. NikNotNoob

    NPCs & Enemies New Pet and Summons AI

    The +1 Minion Capacity modifier would make people hesitate between damage, defense or capacity. Also, that would be useful for some people in pre-hardmode because of the low-capacity of minions. It could also be useful when using the mining armor to dig out big areas so you would have more...
  7. NikNotNoob

    Biomes & Nature [Gabe's Community Project] - The Floating Fortress - Hardmode Floating Islands!

    That could be a neat idea after the hardmode dungeon. :cool::happy:
  8. NikNotNoob

    NPCs & Enemies New Pet and Summons AI

    Thanks! It will be cool if new animations are added.:happy: Thanks a lot. Hope you will be enjoying this ;) (if implemented)
  9. NikNotNoob

    NPCs & Enemies New Pet and Summons AI

    Pets and summons are a thing we almost all have besides us when we go deep cave diving, when we go complete angler quests or even when we go Golem farming :cool:. The only thing is, when you're standing still or when there are no enemies nearby, the pets (and summons) will just stay stationary...
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