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  1. skunkdinner

    tModLoader Dark-Assassin's various mini mods

    Works perfectly now, thank you! :happy:
  2. skunkdinner

    tModLoader Dark-Assassin's various mini mods

    Hmm. I've update the mod to the latest version. It appears that this only occurs on my right door now. Tried destroying the block under the door itself to see if it fixes it. Same result. All my other doors seem to be functioning fine though. Fairly odd.
  3. skunkdinner

    tModLoader Dark-Assassin's various mini mods

    Fairly minor bug with the All Blend mod. It seems that doors are blended with the blocks below it. There's a little bump under the door, mildly annoying.
  4. skunkdinner

    tModLoader Loot Bags Mod

    I feel like some of these bags should be split up and put into separate biomes. Such as having a Dungeon Loot Bag that only drops dungeon items, and items such as Hell-stone only drop from Hell Loot Bags. It'd make it much better for the playthrough, as I feel it's a little unbalanced as of now.
  5. skunkdinner

    Pixel Art Frous' Pixel Reality

    Can you make a weeping angel on fire for me. :p
  6. skunkdinner

    tAPI berberborscing's Mod

    I absolutely love the idea of this mod, but since i am not at my computer i cannot play it :(. I was wondering, can you make bosses, or just simple NPCs. I hope more amazing updates come to this mod. :happy:
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