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  1. Nomad000

    tModLoader The music is gone

    Can many music mods break the music? I don't even get vanilla music in the game anymore, or any music at all.
  2. Nomad000

    tModLoader Too Many Accessories - a really unbalanced mod

    how do I turn on remembering what chest it is using the accessories on re-load? I don't go to any other worlds so the crash doesn't effect me. Also I am wondering about the using multiple chests also, it only swaps between the chests I choose instead of using multiple
  3. Nomad000

    tModLoader VapeMods by FractalXX

    Any plans on adding a way to re-roll or give stats to items?
  4. Nomad000

    tModLoader Magic Storage

    Any chance you can add some more filters like sort by damage and sort by defense?
  5. Nomad000

    tModLoader Antiaris

    I have an issue where the guide keeps saying he arrives but never does, which is not letting any other pc from arriving. does anyone know how to fix this? I use 64 bit tmod launcher and it allows me to run so many mods with the game running perfectly
  6. Nomad000

    PC Every accessory adding on random amounts of defense?

    Does anyone know the mod that's doing this? For some reason some accesories that have nothing to do with defense will add on like random amounts of defense like +20, I have a-lot of mods but I don't know which one is doing this
  7. Nomad000

    tModLoader Even More Modifiers Relaunch Beta

    this doesn't include adding defense points as a possible added modifier does it?
  8. Nomad000

    Tool TerraCustom for 1.3

    that's fine. I have a better experience on 64 bit.
  9. Nomad000

    Tool TerraCustom for 1.3

    It isn't plenty of ram at all. Having all the mods I want gives an memory error and I always had to remove a good portion of them. 64 bit allows me to have a-lot more and generate a world with a-lot more content. I don't use terracustom because of this reason, I would love to, but I prefer to be...
  10. Nomad000

    Tool TerraCustom for 1.3

    Isn't that redundant, the whole point of 64 bit is to be able to generate a world with a-lot more mods. Using 32 bit to generate a world just limits your mods again.
  11. Nomad000

    tModLoader WeaponOut

    It'd be really cool
  12. Nomad000

    Tool TerraCustom for 1.3

    The game actually runs a-lot better for me in 64 bit.
  13. Nomad000

    tModLoader WeaponOut

    So this mod has been out for a while but is there no way to make it so every weapon on your tool bar appears on your body? regardless if you have them equipped or not
  14. Nomad000

    Tool TerraCustom for 1.3

    I did install that becuase 64 bit lets you get all the mods you want with no memory error xD
  15. Nomad000

    tModLoader Build Mate - In-Game Mapping Tools (is multiplayer)

    I have no idea how to do the fill in because he doesn't tell how to switch from the corner top left lol
  16. Nomad000

    Tool TerraCustom for 1.3

    SO uh I put the exe in the main file where the game was installed steamapps/terraira etc and got the same void error you would get if it wasn't in the main install folder anyway..nani?
  17. Nomad000

    tModLoader Luiafk - Unlimited/Combinable Potions, Autobuilding stuff and more

    what's the name of the mining beam in the gif?
  18. Nomad000

    tModLoader The Thorium Mod

    I need help, everytime It gets to blood chamber during world creation it just crashes with an error.
  19. Nomad000

    tModLoader Kalciphoz's RPG Mod

    I hope I can change the size of the hud
  20. Nomad000

    PC Best mods for building as fast as possible?

    Wanting to set up a castle for my play through with rooms for npc's etc but I want to build it quickly so I don't burn out on building and stop playing lol (happens a-lot) I like playing with a-lot of mods which puts more biomes into the game so I can't use t-edit (The biomes would probably be...
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