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  1. tiramisu apimancer

    Music Pack Needing help fixing an issue with a music pack I'm trying to make

    Converting them to .oggs instead technically fixed my problem. I have other ones now, but they're ones I can manage on my own.
  2. tiramisu apimancer

    Music Pack Needing help fixing an issue with a music pack I'm trying to make

    Tried to make a music pack and ran into an issue where the music would play fine initially, but sometimes when triggering the condition for a new track to start playing (entering a new biome, etc), the music volume would set itself to zero. Additionally, sometimes some tracks would have some...
  3. tiramisu apimancer

    tModLoader [Released] Jenosis' Furniture, Food, and Fun

    What exactly are these wood recipes? I'm assuming they're from this mod because it uses blocks from them. All of those recipes for a single Wood are identical, and take several (???) living looms as well as a lot of random living wood things and more of wood itself...
  4. tiramisu apimancer

    Biomes & Nature I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees

    Well, that's a creative way of making this post. I thought this was about that Thorium dev set.
  5. tiramisu apimancer

    What misconceptions did you have when you started playing?

    The friend who got the game for me somehow convinced me that Summoner was incredibly overpowered and told me to go that class for our first multiplayer run. I spent the entire thing thinking it was possible to be bad at Terraria and that I was simply awful at it all. Only until far after that...
  6. tiramisu apimancer

    What is the command to add a keyboard control for dodgeroll and reload action for overhaul mod?

    Go into settings and then controls. There should be a list for modded controls. As far as I know it's not a chat command.
  7. tiramisu apimancer

    tModLoader Recipe Browser

    Woooah, this mod I use every single time, and didn't know about half of these features, like resizing and starring. Really good mod!
  8. tiramisu apimancer

    tModLoader Peculiarity

    My group will be playing this mod later today- one of us found it somehow and I was skeptical but now that I can see it on the forums it actually looks a lot like something I'd love to have in the next run. Stuff like the cursed skull... There seems to be a lot of things focused more on unique...
  9. tiramisu apimancer

    Will there a Sovereign spider boss?

    I can't stand to think of having to evade a boss in such a small tunnel with cobwebs, and having to focus fire on clearing them instead of the boss... oh god. Probably a bigger nightmare than any actual real life spider.
  10. tiramisu apimancer

    i eat bugs

    i eat bugs
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