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  1. Valodyjb

    PC psychoImp's General Goods Store

    Are you still selling ectoplasm? Od like 50 of them. my steam info :
  2. Valodyjb

    PC Items for trade

    Sorry for late reply but if u still willing we can trade
  3. Valodyjb

    PC Items for trade

    Interested in the riffle scope and the laser machinegun How much platinum do u want for it ( Don't have much but lets see)
  4. Valodyjb

    PC WTS: Vampire knifes

    Are you still selling them? I would like to buy one plz
  5. Valodyjb

    PC Tyrux's Celestial Emporium

    hmmm would you happen to have a crimson key? If yes, steam name: valodyjb same as character name and I only have coins right now
  6. Valodyjb

    PC Hope's Shop

    Saw that u said u are on Vacation, but u replied sunday so im wondering if you are still on vacation or not. If not, id like to buy a crimson key if you have one. Thxs
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