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  1. TheagentofSmash.(Archer)

    Please help! Cannot find jungle temple.

    As you saw, I cannot find the jungle/lihzahrd temple in my jungle. i have looked left and right, but it simply does not exist. (sorry the picture is so dark i have no idea why.)
  2. TheagentofSmash.(Archer)

    Weapons & Equip The whips go against the principles of the summoner

    Maybe it's a coding algorithm issue. They had to make it summoner so that it would have the right effect on the enemy.
  3. TheagentofSmash.(Archer)

    Ask a Lihzahrd anything (Within reason)!

    Have you seen a red yoyo? I dropped it somewhere in the temple.
  4. TheagentofSmash.(Archer)

    **REPORTED** Slimes clipping through solid ground?

    I am seeing this glitch with not only slimes, but with critters, zombies, demon eyes, and more. i hope they fix this real soon.
  5. TheagentofSmash.(Archer)

    Ask me questions or something, I'm bored

    what's your opinion on the iPhone? jk, is it easy to play or not?
  6. TheagentofSmash.(Archer)

    Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

    here's my submission :D hope you like it i put a lot of effort into it. Dragon Fury Greathelm (helmet): "Wearing this makes all near you feel your fury!" Dragon Power Guard (torso): "Wearing this gives you the power of fire itself!" Dragon Wrath Greaves (boots): "Wearing these make every step...
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