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    That likely isn't a texture per say, but rather something a bit more hard coded into the game. In order to change that you probably need to make a mod
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    Texture Pack Need help with a texture pack

    Are all of the sprites the correct sizes? Or did you just make textures without specific sprite sizes?
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    What's the sprite name for the Mime mask?

    Texture for when it is equiped: Item: If you have a copy of the game textures (TConvert) you can normally go to the wiki and it should tell you what the id's are for any item
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    Can anyone tell me how to properly make a workbench sprite?

    All workbench sprites are located on one sprite: You would of course just edit the one on the far left. Also, your custom sprite has to fit within the footprint of the sprite that is already there. I'm not sure that the sprite you are proposing is possible, it looks like it is just too large...
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    Lunar Flare laser

    Well, the explosion is projectile 645: The laser trial doesn't seem continuous, so maybe it could be made up of a dust particle? I'm not quite sure which one it would be, you would have to look through it. It could also very well be something else. Hope this helps!
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    Texture pack for 1.4 textures in 1.3?

    Using an Png to Xnb converter ( like TConvert) would allow you to convert the textures you want yourself, but be aware that textures in 1.3 work very differently. I believe you have to find the game's texture library and replace the textures inside manually (they must be Xnb files). There is no...
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    Texture Pack Where are the clothes textures for making a character?

    Actually it looks like there are ~90 images. They are down below, let me know if you end up needing the hair too. Once again, I can't guarantee that these are the correct files, as I am not very knowledgeable about all of the textures, but it's worth a shot, right?
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    Texture Pack Where are the clothes textures for making a character?

    Maybe try looking at the Player textures in the standard images folder (if you have a copy of all of the textures. Just scroll down past NPCs but before the Player hair textures or type P on your file explorer and it all of those texture should be around there Example for location if they were...
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    I'm Having a Large Issue With The Calamity Texture Pack, Please Help

    I believe using a Tmodloader texture pack is just replacing all of the vanilla sprites, and if you didn't make a backup of those sprites they don't really exist anymore. You would need to get a copy of the base 1.3 textures to replace the replaced textures (that was a mouthful)
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    are there any evil swaping texture packs?

    I haven't seen anything like that before, could be interesting. Especially for players who want to try playing crimson worlds but dislike the gore. Even if that isn't how it would be use, that could still be a very interesting concept.
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    New Elysium Mod

    I think you may have put this in the wrong section, this is for resource/texture packs, not mods...
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    Texture Pack Better Potion Pack

    Any particular reason it got canceled? Or just personal stuff getting in the way? Even if this is what you leave it at, this texture pack looks amazing, you can tell quite a bit of time an effort has been put into it to make the potions look good. This is seriously an incredible project, good...
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    Language Pack Better Tooltips

    This is an awesome pack. An idea I have for it it to add the DPS of the weapon, maybe at the bottom of the stats. I'm not sure how possible this would be with the variable stats in the game from armor sets and whatnot, but I think even a base DPS without any of the modifiers might be useful when...
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    Question about zenith sprites

    Sadly the projectiles the Zenith uses are the regular sword items, so unless you want to also change all of it's components there is no way to modify all of the projectiles. Are you wanting to make it so the Zenith only shows the Zenith? I know people have tried this before if you want to look it up
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    does anyone know how to change the zeniths projectiles

    Not as far as I am aware, I think a mod would be required. You either need to change all of the swords used for the zenith, or have your character have such a high attack speed that the zenith is the only sword that gets shown (assuming that is what you want)
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    I Need help with finding a bunch of the bosses textures

    Okay I think I got all of them for you That should hopefully be all of them. Let me know if you need anything else and I will see what I can do. Also, most of the file names can be found on the wiki; also if you want a copy of the game's files so you don't have to find them all online you...
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    Where would I find the extra projectile/dust for the Star Wrath

    I think they should be in this texture: As you can see, this is all of the dust partials in the game, so you have to find the specific ones you want to change
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    Teal Crimson

    First of all, this is awesome! I normally don't like crimson because the flesh theme isn't really my favorite, but if this got taken a bit further I might actually start playing on crimson worlds. So I loaded up the texture pack and here is a screenshot Quite a few things are still red and I...
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    Asking for a less revealing Zoologist shirt pack.

    Maybe something like this? Modest Texture pack
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    Having problems finding certain sprites

    Of course! For future textures I would recommend getting a copy of the sprites if you don't have them (using TConvert) and also the wiki often has the item/npc/projectile ID if you look at the page for that thing
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