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    3DS 3DS Update 1.04

    i was kinda joyful for the expanded worlds but when i changed my new 3ds time to christmas i was a tad bit dissappointed they havent added the "present" items in them like dog wistle and candy cane sword / pickaxe edit or i might just have gotten unlucky and not...
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    Standalone [1.3] tModLoader - A Modding API

    question since i dont understand how coding works? Is it possible yet to make a mod that makes it so you can connect chests up with wires and have a special modded block that reads those chests that are connected to the wires so it makes a connected inventory? like i was thinking cheat sheet has...
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    tModLoader Battle Hardened NPCs

    Okay this mod is great for singleplayer but it doesnt seem to be making the npcs invincible on multiplayer. is that intended or is that a bug?
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    Standalone [1.3] tModLoader - A Modding API

    I have a question? When mods start adding post moon lord content and you have multiple mods that will do that, how would tmodloader handle post moon lord game modes? because i feel like if a few add biomes to the world after moon lord wouldnt that cause issues like over crowding the world with...
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    tModLoader The Spirit Mod!

    I am guessing there is going to be around 10 mounts in the mod? because there are currently 6 mounts in the mounts section and the progress bar says 60% so 60/6=10 so 10% per mount that would add up to 10 mounts :P I am just a pet / mount collector thats why i pointed something like that out :)
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    tModLoader Large World Enabler

    Great mod but Question?... Is there any full screen map fix for custom sized worlds? I find it rather annoying that when you zoom out with a custom sized world the paper like map boarder goes all crazy and when your zoomed all the way out it does not even show you in the middle of the world if...
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    tModLoader Ulterraria: Reborn

    progress report on % done with porting to tmodloader?
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    tModLoader Even More Modifiers

    Thats a nice idea and that would also make it so you can reforge your armor set aswell
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    tModLoader The Spirit Mod!

    Even though thorium already has items like this but their buggy, I would like to see items that make it holidays like halloween or christmas but instead of a consumable item I am thinking more along the lines of a block that you can activate
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    tModLoader The Yoyo Overload Mod!

    I swear those wooden yoyos look familar? did you just take them out of your spirit mod and released them early in this one?
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    tModLoader The Spirit Mod!

    Man the spoilers for this mod keep getting better and better :D This mod is looking super sweet :)
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    Wii U Digital Launch and Console Update

    I thought the wii U version was supposed to be up to date with the other consoles ( ps3, 4 , xbox 360 and one ) and looking at the changelog for those it says that the latest update for those consoles got the hornet staff but I was disappointed once i killed the queen bee saw that i got bee wax...
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    For you guys that dont have the update yet, Its not a forced one you have to go to the Eshop and search terraria and it should appear as a manual update. and also I remembered that Smash 3ds can play as a controller for the wii U version, so could that be possible for a later 3ds patch? like...
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    Mobile Terraria Mobile - Amazon Update

    its out :D updating now
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    tModLoader The Spirit Mod!

    OMG that looks awesome :D
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    tModLoader The Thorium Mod

    I guess i will be the first one to test them :)
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    tModLoader The Thorium Mod

    While looking through Cheat sheets recipe browser i found 2 interesting items that i would like to know more about because i cant find them under the (probably not updated ) current content section. The two items are halloween spirit and Holidays greeting. They look they seem to change it to the...
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    tModLoader Prefixes for Enemies

    I rate this mod 10/10 and give its grade a A+ because i was fighting EoC for the first time on a new world and new person and i got a splitter EoC so when i killed him i got two more :P
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    Standalone [1.3] tModLoader - A Modding API

    i leave terraria for five minutes and their is already an update -.- welp i am just re installing the 1.3.1 tmod again i am not gonna waste my time with and mods updating right now I am just gonna replace the terraria exe like i always do it shouldnt mess anything up because its...
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    tModLoader The Thorium Mod

    I cant wait until the update comes out :D this has been one of my favorite mods
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