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  1. Baruc

    Terraria: Labor of Love is Out Now!

    Good! Buy why Hallowed and Ancient Hallowed Armor no longer transmute into each other in Shimmer?
  2. Baruc

    Working as Designed Terraria run in slow motion when frameskip off

    But my computer performs well. GPU: Nvidiaa Geforce GTX 1650 with 2GB RAM dedicated RAM: 16GB DDR4 CPU: 9th generation Intel Core i7 And he started to give this problem recently. I played frameskip off and never had any problems
  3. Baruc

    Working as Designed Terraria run in slow motion when frameskip off

    I wanted an alternative where I could keep frame skip off. Because the game is not smooth when I enable it
  4. Baruc

    Working as Designed Terraria run in slow motion when frameskip off

    Hello, something is making my Terraria run in slow motion. I played it normal with frame jump disabled at 60 fps, but now it runs at 30 and is super slow. I don't know what happened to it run like this ... I've tried to reinstall (he's on an SSD) I've checked if he was really using my...
  5. Baruc

    Texture Pack Durrani's Texture Pack Bonanza

    Can anyone port this to version 1.4? I love this resprite
  6. Baruc

    Texture Pack [PT] Louro José

    Muito bom! E ainda serviu como homenagem<3
  7. Baruc

    DPh Kraken's Better Wings

    I loved it! Do you plan to resprite the other wings as well?
  8. Baruc

    Blue Fairy over Flickerwick

    If you can, I would like it! I'm sad that the devs only updated a few sprites in 1.4 and not all. We are lucky that the community guys do this for us, like you! :) I think besides me there must be other people who would like the update on Fairy Bell
  9. Baruc

    Blue Fairy over Flickerwick

    Why Flickerwick? I liked the idea! But I think it would be better and it would make more sense to update the existing fairy pet (The Fairy Bell).
  10. Baruc

    The Timeless Traveler's set tweak by the concept's author

    For me your version looks better. I think it should be added to vanilla
  11. Baruc

    Better Summons Textures

    I wish that in 1.4 they had updated the sprite of everything. Because the new ones are much more detailed and have a much more fluid animation than the previous ones, but luckily we have people like you doing this incredible job! :) As a suggestion it would be nice to have a Pirate Staff...
  12. Baruc

    Resolved Liquids don't spread

    That is the problem. He doesn't touch the ground and if I put it on the floor it stays in the pixel that I put (as shown in the picture) and it doesn't spread to the sides, understand? The same way it is in the image, the liquids stay, do not fall or go to the sides ... However I found out...
  13. Baruc

    Resolved Liquids don't spread

    This is normal? The liquids don't spread when I throw them with a bucket
  14. Baruc

    Working as Designed Frozen Crates very rare

    Only if I'm being very unlucky, because in all other biomes it is much easier to get the respective crates.
  15. Baruc

    Working as Designed Frozen Crates very rare

    I wish I could find the item by conventional means provided by the game. Putting the map on TEdit is not a very cool thing ... I thought I could easily get it by fishing crates ... and it should be because it is an alternative. I did the same thing to get the Lava Charm and the Sunfury and it...
  16. Baruc

    Working as Designed Frozen Crates very rare

    I already explored almost the entire ice biome and I was not lucky enough to get the Ice Skates. Instead of creating another world, I decided that I would get it through the Frozen Crates, but is very very very cansative to fishing in search it. Its very rare to hook one. My equipments are...
  17. Baruc

    PC Target Dummy not Working

    Hello, the target Dummys are not working as desired. They are untouchable and appear to be just a visual item.
  18. Baruc

    Game Mechanics Balancing of some itens and Idea tô post-game

    I have a suggestion for Terraria's Master Mode. As many people say that the game should have a post-game, I think doing one would be a lot of work, but what if the post-game just changed the difficulty of all other Bosses drastically? It would be a great challenge and I believe it would not be...
  19. Baruc

    Weapons & Equip Balancing The Flying Dutchman mount

    Hello, Sorry my english. I just entered the hardmode and in the third pirate invasion (before I even killed any mechanical boss) I was lucky enough to get the Flying Dutchman's mount. However, I think this mount is breaking the progression of the game because it is very fast and has infinite...
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