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  1. Rannuncullus

    NPCs & Enemies Pots and Boulders, more ways to kill you! [Sprites]

    Love it it's a really good idea! support!
  2. Rannuncullus

    NPCs & Enemies The Slimeologist npc

    Really like it!
  3. Rannuncullus

    Items Some Items Ideas! (Lucky Items!)

    I been doing some sprites for a ither thread, and i think in some possible new itens: Cursed Mirror ( Two Sprites Choices) Effect: Allow the playes to teleport to a randow place in the underground (above from Underworld and Bellow the Dirt Layer) Limitations: The Underworld, The Dungeon...
  4. Rannuncullus

    Official A Short Time From a Minecart Not Too Far Away...

    30th of June... man it will take too long... i can't wait....
  5. Rannuncullus

    Other (Update): Pyramid Mini-Dungeon

    You really have a point, i'm ot questioning it, and i said before, it was the first time i did a sprite, i tried to make some diferent sprites but it looks i tried to make that!... The A.I., you mean the actions of the monsters and everyting they doing? Thanks for the Help...
  6. Rannuncullus

    Biomes & Nature [Sprites] Ocean Expanded: Dangerous Depths

    Support! I really like it! Good job with the sprites ;)
  7. Rannuncullus

    Other 2WISEGUY's Thread of Ideas

    I like ... is a good ideia! ;)
  8. Rannuncullus

    Other (Update): Pyramid Mini-Dungeon

    Yes i really take de Dungeon as a inspiration, but i tried to give some sense to the Pyramid, because it's only a structure that have a chamber with some treasures! And not only the Pyramid, the whole desert Biome is weak, there are lack of monsters, lack of items, and the desert only exist in...
  9. Rannuncullus

    PC Hello Guys!

    Sorry guys... actually i really don't know how i simple introduct myself.... and i'm not a one timer! i have some post outta there!
  10. Rannuncullus

    PC Hello Guys!

    Hello Guys, I been here a bit... only now i see this Place for introductions! LOL so much incredible things here! so... is that! IDK what to do! :redspin::redspin::redspin::redspin::redspin::redspin: :nymph:
  11. Rannuncullus

    Other (Update): Pyramid Mini-Dungeon

    Sorry! I just pick some enemies base and change then.... :( But the ideia it's the central point!
  12. Rannuncullus

    Other (Update): Pyramid Mini-Dungeon

    New project Coming, Sorry!
  13. Rannuncullus

    Weapons & Equip The Battlemage's Tomes

    Man i really Like it!!!! I'm kind of suspicious, because i'm always play as a Mage...
  14. Rannuncullus

    Other Changes for Future Updates!!!!!

    First things first: 1º: I don't know how of the divisions this post might be in, so i put him there in the "Others", because this includes a several things that can be placed in other division... 2º: If this post is in the wrong division i'm soooooorrrrryyyy ;( So.... The first thing i want...
  15. Rannuncullus

    PC 1.3 Achievement Suggestions!

    Ahnnnnn.....:(:(:( IDK if i wrote right... can be a Magick Taylor LOL :D:D i'm thinking about more suggestions of achievement.... this time i'll post some of challenges.... and other thing that can come out in future terraria's uptades!
  16. Rannuncullus

    PC 1.3 Achievement Suggestions!

    My Achievement Suggestion is: Crafting: Beginer Blacksmith: Have crafted all of the Pré - HardMode Armor; Magician Taylor: Craft Every Type of Robe; Darkness Arrival: Craft a Night's Edge; With the Power! (or Force idk! :rolleyes:): Craft a (Blue, Green) Phaseblade; (This will be a hidden...
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