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  1. Kryzelauf

    Golf Golf Map

    You saw, i used up allready the whole map, from one end to the other. for 13 holes. i thought about a layer above, for the last 5 holes, also going from one end the the other. so these are 5 Omega-Long holes. I dont know yet, but i will make them at least harder for a higher difficulty. Also...
  2. Kryzelauf

    Golf Golf Map

    Thank you for playing/ testing. Im very happy you had fun with it, i tried to make the course like "real golf". Also im working on a mini-golf Map. But first i wanna finish this project. I will add the idea of "beds" around the Map. First i just want to connect the whole World with...
  3. Kryzelauf

    Golf Golf Map

    Oh Yes, that sounds cool. Thank you, i will send you a PN, so you can add me on steam. would love to build together on the map ( i will make a server ). but i can also send you the newest version of the map, if you like to build for your own (or prob. wanna use T-Edit or other stuff) Its up to...
  4. Kryzelauf

    Try to hide Water (map making)

    Hey. I try to hide water but i run into some problems with it. Screenshots, down below. If you know any other way to hide water or a work around for my problem, plz let me know.
  5. Kryzelauf

    Golf Golf Map

    Thank you, for playing the map and the feedback. You are right, i planned some "structure buildings" to bring the world alive. But its my weak-spot. Ive uploaded a few new screenshots today, where you can see, i finished first 4 holes and do some buildings. Also i worked more and more on the...
  6. Kryzelauf

    Hello from Austria

    Thank you. I didn´t check this befor i posted the new one, its my fault, so sorry for that. :D So far, i spend more time in Map-making, as i play the Game. But i love it. My newest project is a Golf Map for a Event. (golf-competition) The Map is also free for the Communitiy. Next Map, i wanna...
  7. Kryzelauf

    Golf Mini Golf Map W.I.P.

    Hey, i played your Map. 🏑 I really like your Putter-Only concept. Your Level design is over the whole first course (forest) nearly perfect. The maps are not to long, not to short. Sometimes a bit too tricky to play, but allways fun. I dont count my shoots, so i dont have a highsocre now, i...
  8. Kryzelauf

    Hello from Austria

    Hello Community. I joined the Forum in 2014 but i was never a Part of this Community. Now im here to change this. :D This Game means a lot to me, and i wanna give back all the love and joy. I worked all years for the German-Forum, but sadly these days are long gone. There is no Community...
  9. Kryzelauf

    Corrupted map files

    I had the same problem with my T-edit Map. Lost some Progress, also i added water befor the corruption happend. But i also used Liquids befor without any problems. (water, honey)
  10. Kryzelauf

    Golf Golf Map

    Update: 7.6.2020 New Screenshots from the first 4 holes and the start from hole 5. The first 4 cours are finished. Update: 14.6.2020 New Screenshots from the first 9 fisnished and reworked holes. Changed many little things to make the course smooth to play. High Grass is now on all maps...
  11. Kryzelauf

    Parkour Parkour Map (with timer!)

    It looks great. I was on the Server and test it. Looking forward, now with the working timer, i will set up my first Run-Time. cya.
  12. Kryzelauf

    Terraria RaceWay (WIP)

    Hey. Thats my first Thread in this Forum. I want to show you my Race-Way Map (Minecarts) for Terraria. My English is not very good, but i try my best ... to explain some mechanics. Here is a overview of the Map. You start at the bottom middle, going right way ... Sections you pass 1...
  13. Kryzelauf

    PC Post Your 1.3 base here!

    My 1.3 Npc Town. Its still (WIP) and also Pre-Hardmode. The bottom of the Houses are made only of Background-Walls. Teleporter brings you up the NPCs (the black Door).
  14. Kryzelauf

    PC Greetings, fellow terrarians.

    hi Blodmel. Dont wanna let this Thread so empty, so here i am. ^^ Nice to meet you, but if you want to improve your Introduction, you can tell something about you. Your Name, Your Age, where are You from. It´s not a Rule, tell us who you are, but if you want, its much personal, and ppl. can...
  15. Kryzelauf

    PC Bonjour tout le monde!

    Hi and Welcome... Are you French, ... or why the Bojour in your Titel? Anyway, have fun here.
  16. Kryzelauf


    Hi MicroWave. Didnt remember you, but hey i just wanna say Hello. New Forum, New Start... Have fun. ^^
  17. Kryzelauf

    Hello from Austria

    Thanks for that, i will check this right now. PS: At the moment im working on a Fun Map. rly hope you like this. :D
  18. Kryzelauf

    Thank you very much. :D

    Thank you very much. :D
  19. Kryzelauf

    Hello from Austria

    Might and Magic 6 Mandate of Heaven. Its kinda "treshy" but i rly like this Game, it was one of my first PC RPG. Sadly i dont know any of the Heroes of MM Games or other MM, i only play MM6.
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