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  1. Corinna

    tModLoader CMod

    I've been meaning to do this post for a long time but my procrastination held me back, well it's not anymore because I'm actively pursuing my mod/game. I've been working/testing a lot of specific and indepth mechanics on how Terraria was made, how a game itself is made, and I've shared my...
  2. Corinna

    tModLoader CLib

    Join my discord! Join the CMod/CLib Discord Server! Could always use help with my wiki or project itself! CLib GitHub: aberna01/CLib What is ClLib? Clib is an open source collection of different methods/tools to help you solve problems fast with easy to remember names almost as if you were...
  3. Corinna

    tModLoader Corinna's Crazy Custom Content plus Corn (need more programmers)

    Hello if you haven't met me already I am making a mod that plans to redesign nearly every aspect of the game and add many new details, gameplay, and mechanics that basically are a whole new game but fleshed out and still Terraria. I plan to add MUCH optional content to prehardmode, hardmode, and...
  4. Corinna

    Corinna's Mod

    I'm in desperate need of some help - a spriter or coder or anything really, doing most of this by myself is boring! This is Corinna: She's your friendly pink hair humanoid alien from outer space come to make your adventure a little less lonely... or is she the one who doesn't want to be...
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