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  1. Kovex Play

    Journey's End 1.4: Official Item Balance Feedback and Discussion Thread

    I have small but interesting idea for 1.4.1: new buff icons for some debuffs. If I remember correctly all debuffs caused by old one's army weapons ( for example " oiled" or betsys wrath ) have the most basic icon: blue and white background of buffs. Second is daybroken debuff, it's buff icon...
  2. Kovex Play

    Terraria State of the Game - June 2020

    I really like console cursor's customization! And a small question ( it's not a bug so i can't report it ): does anyone else on console ( i have ps4 ) have old tortoise and skeletron prime sprites? I think they should have the ones from pc's 1.3.5. Also i have a small bug, I might report it -...
  3. Kovex Play

    There & Back Again: A Summary of Journey's End

    I love this update! I can't wait to play it on my ps4. You did a great job!
  4. Kovex Play

    Mythical Beasts & Where to Farm Them: Exploring Terraria's Bestiary

    :happy:Yes! It will be a great addition to the game. And the npc is very cool 😁
  5. Kovex Play

    What was Old is Made New Again: Revisting the Terraria Experience

    WHAT?! That's INSANE! I always wanted wanted more detailed enemies and weapons and i love that everything will be balanced. It's so cool!!!!!!!
  6. Kovex Play

    Expand Your Terraria Empire - Pylons, Town Building, and NPC Happiness

    That's such a good idea! I love this town mechanic and pylons. I can't wait! ❤
  7. Kovex Play

    Terraria State of the Game - April 2020

    I'm so excited for 1.4! I want to watch that stream on 15th may but in my country it will be 10pm so i won't watch it whole. I hope that weird bug with transparent blocks will be fixed soon, as you said. A small question: 1.4 on ps4 will be next year? I can't wait for the final update of my...
  8. Kovex Play

    Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

    My submittion: Cyber Knight Set. It's futuristic cyber armor with neon lights. It's my original idea but it can be similiar to other futuristic vanity sets. It consist of: Cyber Knight's Helmet Cyber Knight's Breastplate Cyber Knight's Leggings Every part of this suit is grey with green accents...
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