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  1. Bilgewat3r

    Golf Suggestion to Help People Who are Prone to Seizures or Don't Like Flashing Objects

    I noticed in a golfing video I watched once that the arrow was flashing or something like that when the golf ball bounced and instead of just a straight on/off, I was thinking it would be better for it to fade in and out. I hope I'm not too late for the JE release but if I am, I really hope this...
  2. Bilgewat3r

    PC Nebula Armor Buff?

    I don't know if this would make the armor completely overpowered or not but here we go... So I was thinking (and hearing from a few sources) that mages are usually supposed to stay back, keep their distance, etc. and if you have to go {somewhat} close to your enemy to pick up the buffs created...
  3. Bilgewat3r

    Boots and Baloons

    I would really like it if there were some sort of combination of all the boots, specifically the frostspark boots and the lava waders which I think would end up being a combination of all of them and it would combine their bonuses. Once you have those boots (still can't think of a good name for...
  4. Bilgewat3r

    Alien Invasion

    As the title says I think that an alien invasion event could be very cool if it isn't being worked on already. Thoughts?
  5. Bilgewat3r

    PC Buff Times

    Not sure if this belongs here or not but I think it would be nice to have an option to display the seconds of a buff when it's over a minute.
  6. Bilgewat3r

    New Background!

    I'm really liking this default underground/mushroom biome background that's going on right now! I'm not sure if it was already available or not before but either way it's really cool!
  7. Bilgewat3r

    Hello Terrarians!

    This is really my first official post/thread on TCF and I just wanted to say hi and that I'm super excited for upcoming content. I also wanted to have an even 5 posts for now.
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