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  1. GuyInJeans

    Pokemon White 2 question

    What pokemon should I use my masterball on, if any?
  2. GuyInJeans

    PC What to do after Moon Lord?

    Title says it all, what should I do after Moon Lord? Is a second playthrough more fun than it sounds because it doesn't sound super appealing...
  3. GuyInJeans

    NASA Stream!

    Watch a spacewalk LIVE from the ISS (for free)! This is a first people, don't miss it! http://www.ustream.tv/explore/all?itm_source=home_header&itm_medium=onsite&itm_content=watch&itm_campaign=header
  4. GuyInJeans

    PC MoonLord Preperations

    Right now I've been on a building spree, making some nice structures to make my world look a little nicer, I'm no where near done (I'll add some screenshots if anyone is interested in seeing them) but it's coming along. But that's beside the point; The point is this, what are the MUST build...
  5. GuyInJeans

    PC Mods?

    What's the modding scene like with Terraria? I used to keep up with minecraft modding until they added profiles and made it too frustrating to install multiple mods then I just gave up. How does installation work, or does it vary for each mod? Any particularly good mods out there? Thanks...
  6. GuyInJeans

    I finially made an account!

    'Ello! I'm GuyInJeans and I think I may have an addiction to Terraria. Just kidding, Terraria is one of my favorite games but I plays others as well Some of my favorites: Tribes: Ascend Planetside 2 TeamFortress 2 (I seem to have a thing for sequels) Kerbal Space Program Door Kickers Game...
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