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  1. Loun

    Wii U Wii u players

    It is because of technical limitations. It may not seems like it, but Terraria 1.3+ requires a good bunch of RAM, but the Wii U only has 1 Gb of RAM used for games (and its RAM is really slow). That's not a matter of money, they had to drop the support for PS3, PS Vita, and Xbox 360 too...
  2. Loun

    Resolved [Switch] 2-player local?

    Well, no, it doesn't work that way. :p When the Switch is docked, its CPU can go to a higher frequency, along with some other minor improvements, and that's all. A docked Switch won't have more RAM (the Switch has 4 GB of RAM, docked or handheld doesn't change anything to that), or a better GPU...
  3. Loun

    Linux Mac/Linux optimization patch ?

    Oh, I see, that's good to know. Thanks !
  4. Loun

    Linux Mac/Linux optimization patch ?

    Hi ! I was wondering... Is the optimization patch for Linux and Mac still planned ? They mentioned, before the 1.4 release, that those OS will get specific optimizations later, but no word about that has been told since then. The 1.4 on Linux is kinda stable, but framerate seems to be the kind...
  5. Loun

    Resolved [Switch] 2-player local?

    Doesn't make much of a difference, Re-Logic doesn't work on Terraria Consoles, and Pipeworks Studio didn't work on Journey's End. It's 2 completely separate teams. :)
  6. Loun

    Is 1.4 really the last update?

    1.4 is the last major update, yes. We'll still see some patches and bug fixes in the next couple of days/months, along with Mac and Linux optimization patch. But no new content. Terraria has come to an end, and what a beautiful end it is. :)
  7. Loun

    How do YOU pronounce Terraria?

    I pronounce it "Térraria" I'm a french baguette, that's why. :p
  8. Loun

    Console Something i have a problem with

    They can't release 1.4 at the same time on every platform, since there are different teams working on each version of the game (Re-Logic for PC, Pipeworks Studio for Consoles, and DR Studio for Mobile). If you take a look at almost every indie game company that has a different team for each...
  9. Loun

    Resolved [Switch] 2-player local?

    In fact, the Switch is closer to a Wii U than a Xbox One, or a PS4. It barely meets the minimum requirements for Terraria 1.3. So, I'm not surprised that splitscreen is an issue. I'm still curious as to why they released the game without splitscreen, or local multiplayer between Switch systems...
  10. Loun

    Mobile Console and mobile really need faster updates

    1.4 won't take 4 years to come to consoles and mobile, don't worry. To launch 1.3 on consoles, they switched from Engine Software to Pipeworks Studio to do the port, that's the first thing. Next, Pipeworks studio had to rewrite the ENTIRE game code from scratch, switch engine (to Unity, from...
  11. Loun

    Hi. I don't talk here very often, haha.

    I play Terraria since 2012, on PC at first, then on PS3 when my PC died. Most of my playtime is on PS3, where I pratically did everything that was possible to do. It didn't prevent me to buy the game again, for my PS Vita, and then for my Wii U. Oh, and Android. When I got a new PC, I've...
  12. Loun

    Resolved [3DS] Nintendo 3ds update

    Like Nike Leon said, updates are discountinued for those systems, because of technical limitations (notably RAM limitations).
  13. Loun

    Resolved [Switch] 2-player local?

    1.3.5 just released on Switch (well, it released yesterday). If I'm not mistaking, splitscreen is going to be the next focus for devs, now.
  14. Loun

    Resolved Not updating Help

    Journey's End released only a few days ago, it probably won't come to console and mobile before quite a long time, and that's normal. It has always been like that.
  15. Loun

    Console Mods for Console Terarria When?

    That's not what I'm saying, buddy ! :indifferent: Simply put, the fact that it's now an "official" support doesn't make it more possible for consoles to get mods.
  16. Loun

    Console Mods for Console Terarria When?

    That doesn't resolve anything. Mods can still be dangerous for consoles. Remember, it's an "official" mod support, for an "unofficial" mod launcher. It's not like whether it's official or not will change anything.
  17. Loun

    PC Controller issues with input, etc...

    Hi ! I'm doing this thread because I haven't been able to find one that was describing my issues. So, basically, the game has problems with inputs on a controller. For example : I want to know what you can do with a lead bar. So I bring the lead bar to the Guide. When I pressed on "A" to put...
  18. Loun

    Mobile When will 1.4 come to mobile

    Not yet. :)
  19. Loun

    Mobile When will 1.4 come to mobile

    It will eventually come to mobile and console. Cenx even said she THINKS mobile will get it before console. But there's still no release date, for now at least. It's just a matter of time.:)
  20. Loun

    Resolved [Mobile] Multiplayer and hosting not working due to not enough RAM.

    Hello ! Like Unit One said, "RAM" isn't related to the storage. The RAM is the memory of your device, it cannot be changed. The only solution is to use a more powerful device. If you decide to buy a new device, take a careful look at the specifications. If you want to have a smooth Terraria...
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