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  1. Iamdarkbowser

    Hermes Wings?

    I came up with a (actually 2) new accessory for the game. So, the Greek god Hermes has his boots, that have wings on them, and he has his helm(et), which also has wings on them. I am thinking that both of those should be combined into "Hermes Wings", and of course Hermes Helm(et) would have to...
  2. Iamdarkbowser

    PC Shrimpy Truffle Is Slow With Vertical Flight?

    I make an underwater battle arena and tried flying around in it with the shrimpy truffle, but flying up, i was only able to get up to 15 mph flying upwards in water. Is this a bug or a feature?
  3. Iamdarkbowser

    PC Is Building With Cursed Torches Impossible?

    I want to build a futuristic, mostly underwater battle arena. This means that I should (and I want to) use cursed torches to light everything up. They look cool and I generally like them, but, they come with a price. I can't seem to find anything that goes well with them, using paint or not...
  4. Iamdarkbowser

    PC The Traveling Merchant Improvements

    I was thinking, in the old days, when traders come into town, their inventory is random, yes, but the last time they came by, you can ask them to try to find something. So, what I propose is that you can ask the traveling merchant for one specific item that there is a possibility of him selling...
  5. Iamdarkbowser

    PC Old One's Army + Traps = Ghosts?

    I made a (probably crappy) arena with traps for Old One's army. The mobs from it seem to be somewhat ghost-like and float about 3 blocks above the ground after hitting them. Before, with just a plain, flat surface, they looked and acted like "normal" mobs. Does anyone know if this is because of...
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