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  1. Reverend_Killjoy


    Melee players have the Zenith and it's so OP'd, but why stop there? An OP'd gun, magic spell, and summon would be nice too.
  2. Reverend_Killjoy


    Personally I love the variety of statues in the game, however, it's quite frustrating when certain statues only face in one direction. It would be super awesome if we could place them facing the opposite direction like we can with chairs. I can't be the only person that thinks so.
  3. Reverend_Killjoy

    Some questions...

    Let's say "active" would be a gross overstatement. I haven't played in a while as I didn't have a PC that could run the game properly and I grew bored waiting for 1.3 on the mobile version. I only recently picked the game back up.
  4. Reverend_Killjoy

    Some questions...

    Thanks for the feedback. I shall look into all of this. 😁
  5. Reverend_Killjoy

    Some questions...

    Hey all. I finally got around to installing Terraria recently and I gotta say, 1.4 is a blast so far. That being said, this thread is me asking everyone in the Terraria community for info regarding various aspects of the game. My burning curiosities are as follows: 1. Are ideas still able to be...
  6. Reverend_Killjoy

    PS4 Looking for people

    If anyone wants to play, I'm Corn_Portal87 on PSN.
  7. Reverend_Killjoy

    PS4 Players

    If you're on PS4, friend me. Corn_Portal87
  8. Reverend_Killjoy

    PS4 Players

  9. Reverend_Killjoy

    PS4 looking for new players

    I too am looking for friends that play. I added everyone on here. Feel free to add me as well: Corn_Portal87
  10. Reverend_Killjoy

    PS4 Visual Bug

    I shall. Thanks for the reply.
  11. Reverend_Killjoy


    Corn_Portal87 I'm always down for a game
  12. Reverend_Killjoy

    PS4 Visual Bug

    Upon reaching the Underworld, I find that I can only dig to a certain point before the last image on the screen freezes. Basically, once past the "bug line", whatever was last on the screen freezes there. I'm still able to move around, jump, fly, use the action command, etc, and if I happen to...
  13. Reverend_Killjoy

    Official Terraria 1.3 Status Update: Mobile & Switch

    So...anywhere from 1-3 years from now, yeah?
  14. Reverend_Killjoy

    Mobile Terraria Mobile Bugs & Issues Status

    Same pink line for me on all chairs, also on toilets.
  15. Reverend_Killjoy

    Mobile Terraria Mobile Bugs & Issues Status

    Look, you can present your "facts" all you want, but the real fact is, you can't take away a piece of my life that I myself experienced. That being said, here's a thought, before you even attempt to try and put me in my place, perhaps the most obvious reason as to why I actually somehow found a...
  16. Reverend_Killjoy

    Mobile Terraria Mobile Bugs & Issues Status

    Dude, I did my research. If you know what update I'm talking about, why tell me to do research? Unless you're not talking about me, what I meant specifically was 1.3 = 1.2.3 and 1.4 = 1.2.4. There, I fixed it. And I've done my "research" as you call it. I've had Terraria mobile since the...
  17. Reverend_Killjoy

    Mobile Terraria Mobile Bugs & Issues Status

    UPDATE FROM AN ANDROID USER. I literally just updated Terraria mobile yesterday at about 3:30pm. As of 12:09am, right now, I can confirm that after 30+ world creations, the LIVING LOOM was NOT present in the living wood tree in ANY of the worlds I created. It also seems to have been removed...
  18. Reverend_Killjoy

    Mobile Terraria Mobile Bugs & Issues Status

    Haha, damn! Those last 3 issues listed sound EXACTLY like how I worded it when I told your support guy about them. I guess he did deliver. Thanks Arsen.
  19. Reverend_Killjoy

    Introductions are in order...

    I wish it were that simple. Dungeon Guardian is the strongest monster in all of Terraria. He is stronger than the Moon Lord. Yes, really. One hit kill. He passes through objects, so no locking him away. His defense is so high, a "crit" is 2 damage. The best way to damage him is to wear Frost...
  20. Reverend_Killjoy

    Mobile Easy Duke Fishron Guide (for beginners)

    Unfortunately, Terraria is on my burner phone, so I have no pic, but basically, it's just a long, unobstructed straight line of asphalt blocks with heart (and star) statues, campfires, heart lanterns, all along it, with the statues wired to player activated pressure plates. All you gotta do is...
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