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  1. TheGamerMan757

    1.3.4 Moon Lord Tweak

    EDIT: Nevermind. I had placed down portals prior and forgot about them due to the tint on the screen, tricking me into thinking that the Moon Lord was jerking me. I'm an idiot. Where's the delete button? Exploring the 1.3.4 update I've noticed the Moon Lord's tongue thingy keeps jerking me...
  2. TheGamerMan757

    PC Wiring Timer-Based Delay

    So, I'm trying to make a system that turns on and off the lights of my village using the light sensors, and that's easy enough but I noticed there's a problem. At 4:30; dawn; when the lights turn off the lights inside the house make the house too dim. This isn't really a big problem at all. It's...
  3. TheGamerMan757

    PC Redirect Teleporter

    I'm not the best with wiring, so I'm looking for a way to redirect a teleporter's destination. i.e: When input A (switch) is toggled, make it so that the teleporter (pressure plate activation) not only shuts off but sends the player to... say... a fiery pit of death instead of to the usual...
  4. TheGamerMan757

    PC Possible 1.3.1 Easter Egg?

    So, while I was down in the caverns (pretty far down, close to lava) I was simply digging a tunnel when I heard the whoopee cushion noise show up. I have no idea why this happened but it did. It might have been an enemy or something, but I don't know what. There were no worms present, this was...
  5. TheGamerMan757

    [Resolved] NPC House Lighting Query

    So, with the wonderful wiring update out there's plenty you can do with it. One of the things is the day and night sensors. An application I an planning to use them with is to turn off lights during the day. Naturally, with this contraption the lights would turn on come dusk (7:30 in-game time)...
  6. TheGamerMan757

    PC How to solidify this build

    So, I was working on this build for my current character, and my only problem with it is that the bottom doesn't really look very solid. I want the whole build to look uniform, but it just looks like a keep on stilts. $-_- Does anybody have a suggestion as to what I could do to make this build a...
  7. TheGamerMan757

    A place to find feedback

    Now, I half wonder if this might be a dumb question and I might not be looking in the right places, but is there a place to seek direct feedback to a build and/or creation? Thanks :confused:
  8. TheGamerMan757

    PC FPS Insanity

    I've seen some other people post this on the internet. Their FPS is just too low. Mine... I just can't seem to resolve it. SPECS: :bluslime: OS: Windows 7 Processor: AMD FX-8320 8Core Processor Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 Memory: 16GB Plenty of remaining hard drive space. Good...
  9. TheGamerMan757

    PC Eater of World Problems

    Hello I've played Terraria a lot and have done quite a few playthroughs now, but now I'm doing an Expert Mode playthrough. My first. Unfortunately I am stuck at the Eater of Worlds and have tried several times to kill him. I forget how many. The problem is I'm just dying too quickly. My gear is...
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