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  1. Xaix

    The Hall of Heroes (In progress)

    The image tell by itself, thanks for all these years!
  2. Xaix

    PC (WTB) Desert Key

    As title. What do you want in exchange?
  3. Xaix

    PC Selling Enchanted Sword (Journey Mode)

    Want any rare item I don't have duplicated. Just tell what you have!
  4. Xaix

    **REPORTED** Duplication Tabs name doesn't appear when NPC is behind

    As the image tells, I am pretty sure that tab isn't named Veronika. xD
  5. Xaix

    **REPORTED** NPC not moving when touching a 2 block empty space

    Hello, so I noticed that my nurse and demolitionist were together in the same space for a long time, so I decided to see what was going on. Seems that they stop moving when reaching a 2 empty space blocks, when removed the block to complete 3 empty space blocks, they keep moving. The screenshot...
  6. Xaix

    Working as Designed Difficulty Control on Journey Mode (boss exploit)

    I don't think this is a bug, I changed my difficulty to Master Mode (while it was on Normal), when a boss had almost no health, just to get the Master Mode prizes. That's an easy way xD but also that's not fair. I don't know if this is meant to be? Boss shouldn't change its difficulty when he's...
  7. Xaix

    Ore on World Creation

    Hello everyone, just a quick suggestion, don't know if there is time for it but, what if we could choose in main menu while creating a world, the classic ores (gold, silver), the new ones (tin, platinum) or mixed like it is today. I would like to play with only classic ores again, pre-hard mode...
  8. Xaix

    Martian Probe drop

    So, as all of you know, the Martian Probe, doesn't drop anything. Martian Probe's fuction is to check for life signals on Terraria world right? What about if he dropped an Item that, like him, you could "analyze" life form, with the same effects as this: And after you analyze any life form...
  9. Xaix

    PC Change in Char Selection

    Hey guys, so this is a small ideia I had, I just wanted to look more badass even before entering the game, as you see, in the first character, you can see his wings on the flying mode, before the editing was only the idle wings mode. Normal change, I think it would be nice ^-^ Don't know if...
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