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  1. Aqre

    Werewolf Tails

    Thank you for this aesthetic, I have noticed the werewolf texture without a tail before and it drove me crazy! Thanks for making this :D
  2. Aqre

    tModLoader Boss Cursor

    I am enjoying this mod and can't play without! I have one suggestion, though: Add support for minibosses? For example, you could add a whitelist to what enemies are considered "bosses". Since most minibosses don't have map icons, maybe the sprite would just be an exclamation mark?
  3. Aqre

    tModLoader Item Modifier Mod

    This is a great mod and I love it so far! I have one suggestion: Could you add keybinds to open the menus (for example, press K to open item editor and press L to open new item menu)?
  4. Aqre

    PC Terraria Goldier Gold pack

    There's this if you're not using it already Tool - ArmorHelper - Sprite armor sets >30x times faster! | Terraria Community Forums :D
  5. Aqre

    PC Clean Flat UI Redux

    This looks great! Since everything is "boxy", could you make the cursor match things as well? I'm thinking something like this: (If you decide to change the cursor, you can use / edit the cursor I made above if you want)
  6. Aqre

    PC Tail Accessories disappear when equipping wings

    Pretty straightforward: Tail Accessories disappear when equipping wings. If you turn off visibility for the wings, you can see the tail while standing still, but not when you're flying. I also went on a cheat character and got myself a celestial starboard. My tail disappears as soon as I'm...
  7. Aqre

    tModLoader Thinking about Creating a Mod.

    This sounds like an amazing idea. Just don't make a commitment you can't make. I've made that mistake many times and have still yet to learn.
  8. Aqre

    Tool TConvert - Extract content files and convert them back

    Is this compatible with
  9. Aqre

    PC Eye of Cthulhu+Twins Resprite.

    I love the colors for all of these! Good job :D
  10. Aqre

    PC Annoying Dog from Undertale replaces the Bunny

    This is so cursed... I love it
  11. Aqre

    Kobold Invasion (Replace the Goblin Army and Tinker with D&D's Diminutive Lizard People)

    I think keeping it the same is more important because most people remember what a specific banner looks like and what it gives you advantages against, but changing it might cause confusion with other banners
  12. Aqre

    Official Custom Fonts in 1.3.5+

    I mean, you no longer have to download the extension (as far as I'm concerned)
  13. Aqre

    Any classic Terraria Texture Packs

    Are you saying it doesn't work entirely (I haven't got to trying it yet)
  14. Aqre

    Official Custom Fonts in 1.3.5+

    As of 1.4, you don't need to do that anymore since you can use texture packs for it. As I'm not entirely sure how to do so, I'm sure you can ask the forums
  15. Aqre

    HD Texture a day pack

    Wow, are you an undercover spriter for the discontinued game Terraria: Otherworld? These are really high quality to the point it looks like it's from a professional game or something along those lines. Either way, this is amazing!
  16. Aqre

    Any classic Terraria Texture Packs

    There's New Age Retro, but they haven't updated it to 1.4 yet. However, someone made a patch here, although I'm not entirely sure if it works all the way as some say it only changes the ores. Either way, here's the link: New Age Retro for 1.4
  17. Aqre

    PC Custom vanity items/armor retextures

    Here's the first thing to get you started, it helps a lot (make sure to stay within the box! :happy:) Tool - ArmorHelper - Sprite armor sets >30x times faster! | Terraria Community Forums
  18. Aqre

    PC Brutallama's Brutal Vanilla Revamp

    This pack looks stunning! I'm loving this, especially those gold textures or the meteorite tools / armor! 👀
  19. Aqre

    PC Snarkel's Minipacks

    I love what you've done with the Starwrath and Starfury!
  20. Aqre

    Wall of Text

    I thought it was going to look something like this: | | | | | | EYE | | | | | | MOUTH | | | | | | EYE | | | | | |
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