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  1. Terrarian Gamer Θ

    Hello guys, I'm very late, but I think I can still introduce myself.

    Well, hi guys. I am 3 years late with my introduction, but on second thought there are many people I know here on the forums who have not yet done any self-introduction. So this is better than nothing, isn't it? Well, I'm doing this thread just to celebrate the time I was here helping to...
  2. Terrarian Gamer Θ

    Bookcases are being a little useless

    Hello people, I'm here again to ask for a change in the Bookcases. For those who don't know I'll explain what they are. Bookcases are basically a furniture that serves as decoration and as a crafting station to make a few enchanted books. They can be made with all kinds of material in the...
  3. Terrarian Gamer Θ

    Time Travel

    Hi guys all right?:) I have a new idea that I've been thinking about for months. what do you think of an item that the player can use to move time unlimitedly? Let me explain better. The item can make time go by faster, giving you the option of speed of time, so you can see things happen faster...
  4. Terrarian Gamer Θ

    PC Agriculture

    😄I had a new idea, guys! So, you all know that there is currently a way to plant herbs (the ones you use to create potions), right? And what I want to suggest is that there is a possibility in the future of planting more sophisticated plants such as vegetables that should be sold by Dryad or a...
  5. Terrarian Gamer Θ

    PC Be able to choose physical characteristics when creating a player

    Hi people! It's me again! I'm here with a new idea and I think you'll like it even if I didn't bring sprites with me(which is not necessary). Here's how: You all know that there is currently a choice of features when we're creating a player, right? However, I felt and still feel that I need to...
  6. Terrarian Gamer Θ

    More Jetpack variety

    :)Hello again people. I'd like to make a simple (or maybe not so) suggestion. It's about adding a wider range of jetpack types to the game, based on another game that some of you may know about: Jetpack Joyride. I think it would be nice to have this variety because I really like jetpacks and...
  7. Terrarian Gamer Θ

    PC Turn off Rain / Snow cloud blocks

    Hello again people, I'm here with a new idea. I think the title is pretty self explanatory, but for those who don't understand I can explain: Basically is the ability to turn on and off (or enable and disable) these blocks using wires: -Snow cloud -Rain cloud It's a pretty simple idea and...
  8. Terrarian Gamer Θ

    New Musics for underground

    Hello again people! I'm here again to suggest that new musics be added for most biomes such as: - Underground Hallow; - Underground Crimson; - Underground Corruption; - Underground Jungle; - Underground Desert; - Underground Tundra/Snow/Ice. And also for certain mixtures like: - Hallowed...
  9. Terrarian Gamer Θ

    The Swamp (Jungle Alternative)

    Hello again guys! Here I am to finally explain what this biome consists of. Structure: Basically a biome with large amounts of water, mostly on the surface. It's entrance to the underground has a different form than most of the entrances of other biomes, it consists of a lake much bigger than...
  10. Terrarian Gamer Θ

    More Paintings.

    Hello Terraria fans! This time I'm here to make the following suggestion: Why not add more paintings to the game such as other bosses, scenarios, or perhaps events portrayed in them? Another suggestion of mine that has to do with the paintings is what you think if it were possible for you to...
  11. Terrarian Gamer Θ

    All my suggestions and future suggestions.

    Hello guys! This is my suggestions thread that I have already done and the suggestions that I intend to make: -The power to control honey and lava as well as water: https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/the-power-to-control-honey-and-lava-as-well-as-water.71492/ -For 1.3.6 a new NPC...
  12. Terrarian Gamer Θ

    PC True Terra Blade

    Hello again folks! I came back to talk about a sword that should be implemented in the game and although someone else has already suggested this I came to suggest something totally new: I now present the True Terra Blade! Many thanks to @Huzbubber Tim for making this wonderful sprite! This...
  13. Terrarian Gamer Θ

    PC One thing I'd like to see changed.

    hello again guys. I made this thread because there is one thing that bothers me a lot in the game and that I have not liked since I play. This is the Goblin peon breaking the doors instead of opening them because if I am distracted or do not have time to put the door in place I lose it because...
  14. Terrarian Gamer Θ

    PC A Tutorial for Terraria PC ( an option that you can skip if you want ).

    Hello Terraria fans. I'm here again doing this thread to know what you would think there is a Tutorial for the game. Okay, now I'll explain what I meant. I wanted to say an option after clicking on "Single player", where something says "Tutorial" and another something that says "Normal game" or...
  15. Terrarian Gamer Θ

    New functionality for acorns and etc.

    Hello again folks! I came to make one more suggestion because I really like nature and plants. Well, let's get to the point: the acorns in the sand are used to grow palm trees, right? so that is what should change, to make palms grow, in my opinion, should be planted coconuts that drop from the...
  16. Terrarian Gamer Θ

    Why not make sand with ground stone?

    Hello Terraria fans, I thought about some things that were missing in the game and I thought: why not be able to make blocks of sand with those of stone? It's simple! we just need a new Crafting station that is like a grinder for rocks, and that with it could be made another new block that...
  17. Terrarian Gamer Θ

    PC Make it possible to choose the color of the Dungeons.

    This post is not only to discuss the power of choice of the brick of the dungeon, but also to know how many people would like it possible to change the logo at the entrance of the game. Then the theme would be as follows: Why not choose the logo to be from the Hallow biome? or else crimson or...
  18. Terrarian Gamer Θ

    PC Trees that give fruits.

    hello to everyone again. My suggestion would be only that the NPC dryad sold to the players seeds that give rise to specific trees such as apple, orange and banana trees. thanks again and comment.
  19. Terrarian Gamer Θ

    PC New armor

    hello terraria fans I want to suggest that there be new armor like Slime, Steampunk and crystal. Slime Armor: -Helmet 5 Defense. Increases 4% Jump height. Crafted with 20 Slime block in Solidifier. -Chainmail 6 Defense. Increases 4% Jump height. Crafted with 25 Slime block in Solidifier...
  20. Terrarian Gamer Θ

    PC A new mount

    Basically what I came to ask the developers is a new mount Blood crawler as it would be very representative of the crimson biome and also because this mount could scale the walls (not the bottom ones but the walls as the side of a block).
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