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  1. Olof Almqvist

    Molotov, Old stats?

    Does someone know the old stats for the molotov? :)
  2. Olof Almqvist

    tAPI The Adventurers Sword

    The Adventurers Sword So i have some "lore".. I had this dream (IRL) about a sword that a Adventurer was Wielding to all that was evil and corrupt. So i told my dream to @Pumpking and he belived in it so i thought for my self.. "This chould be my next thing!". The meaning of this mod is that it...
  3. Olof Almqvist

    I have a question!

    Hi, i dont know if this is wrong section then please tell me! Question : is the Hero's Vanity Set Dedicated to Hero the Youtuber?
  4. Olof Almqvist

    Molten Armor Buff ( Small Post )

    I just started to play on my new computer so i felt getting a new Character.. So in my opinion The Molten Armor Set is the best to kill WoF and starting off in Harmode with , BUT! We can make it better in a logic and stable way! I only thought of two things - Immunity to fire blocks Immunity...
  5. Olof Almqvist

    Weapon Holding Animation ( While Walking or idle )

    I came up with this Brilliant suggestion, But this seems logic that this should exist in the game! This Suggestion is about your character holding a weapon while running, Walking, flying or idle. I Took This for an example - This picture is from @Samrux Signature, See how its holding the...
  6. Olof Almqvist

    Weapon Holding Animation ( While Walking/Idle )

    I came up with this Brilliant suggestion, But this seems logic that this should exist in the game! But I don't know if this is created already, I checked as much as i chould here in the suggestion section. But i found nothing, so i thought to myself Why not post it because it is just awsome and...
  7. Olof Almqvist

    PC How to make a LAN Terraria server! ( No Downloads )

    First of all take notice that this will work on any Computer on any Network! This is a LAN guide! Hello, This is a guide how to play with your Brother, Friend or Anyone connected to your network! I made this Step by step guide because i have noticed A few searching for a guide like this one...
  8. Olof Almqvist


    Hello everyone! I thought i might introduce my self to the TFC Community! I started with terraria modding about some months ago and i am a terrible suggestioner and spriter! My name is Olof i know i should not post my IRL name but i like when folks say Olof instead of "Nuran". Im 15 years...
  9. Olof Almqvist

    Super Mega Death arena [ PvE & PvP ]

    Super Mega Death Arena The idea of this map is basicly Arena ( PvP & PvE ) The whole idea of this is to maybe have it as a fun map to play with friends or even make a server and have this as a map in it! The thought of this wonderfull idea is that you start off in a lobby with two...
  10. Olof Almqvist

    Rope "hook"

    Hello everyone! I came up with a suggestion after all that i think is pretty handy! For the ropes when you are active on a rope you are holding a "hook" thing. Lets make it craftable or foundable! To be able to use ropes you will have to craft this hook ( Havent come up with a name yet. ) or...
  11. Olof Almqvist

    tAPI The Soul Items mod ( Re-opening )

    The Soul Items Mod Current state : v1.1.0 Hello there fellas, I hope you like the mod so far. but i am happy to announce that i will continue with the mod with @Pumpking 's Great help and support. Tell me what to add in the mod and tell me what to fix with the current items that are added so...
  12. Olof Almqvist

    Got a new forum for our Modding team! go check it out! :)

    Hey folks. I just wanted to share this request by @The Great Orange about our new forum <link removed by staff> we created it because we needed to archive our mods in a oragnized order. Be sure to sign up and post your awsome creations. Copyrights can be found here. -
  13. Olof Almqvist

    Team Underground Mods Copyrights thread.

    Team Darkaria Mods Copyright Thread. All Content from Team Darkaria Mods are reserved and is not allowed to share or upload with out my ( Núran Gaming Tv ) premission! Feel free to send me an Private Message ( PM ) about you including or uploading my mod on another forum. All Codes, Mods and...
  14. Olof Almqvist

    tAPI The Soul Items Mod

    Darkaria Mods Presents! The Soul Items Mod! v.1.2 New post here Items : ~ Updates : [/spoiler] Misc Section : ~ if you will like to support me, please share my mod with the community and add this banner to your signature! Rep+ For the banner @Pumpking [/Spoiler] [/spoiler]
  15. Olof Almqvist

    EXPLAIN! why did you delete my thread? i did nothing wrong?

    chould you at least explain to me what i did wrong or send me a god damn pm? ( i am a bit pist and chocked cause i did nothing wrong? )
  16. Olof Almqvist

    tAPI The Unobtainable Weapons mod!

    A Team :red:s Productions. I introduce to you! The Unobtainable Weapons mod! <content and links removed by staff>
  17. Olof Almqvist

    Need help, i want to start modding!

    Heya! first of all i dont know if im in the wrong section for this but! i just want to ask what is the best program to mod? Tapi or tConfig? and do any of you kind modders have a good tutorial on how to start modding? this whould be awsome! also how to make spirites. CANT find anything good by...
  18. Olof Almqvist

    Store [WiP] All Tools, Weapons, Armor and Accessories map!

    Lets give it a try again will we! A Team :red:s production! An all Tools, Weapons, armors and accessories map! I just wanted to announce a project i have worked on for some days, and i think its time to atlease make a threade for it at "Wip" section of maps here in the forums. the...
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