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  1. Cheezegami

    Pixel Art Cheezegami's Pixel Landscapes

    Hey Terrarians, in this post I'll share the pixel landscapes I'm working on. To start off, I'll share this Terraria : Underworld pixel art drawing I made.
  2. Cheezegami

    tModLoader Cheeze's Tips and Tricks

    Hello People, on this thread I'll be helping people with some tips and tricks to get certain formula's or cool things to work within tModLoader. First of all I want to share my "Critical Damage Multiplier Formula" I will add more later.
  3. Cheezegami

    tModLoader Cheeze's Content Pack

    Hello everyone, This is a mod for Terraria named "Cheeze's Content Pack" or "CheezeMod" as a abbreviation. It's a mod that can be used in combination with "tModLoader". NOTE: Update 1.1.2 for tModLoader 0.10 has just come out! If you see or find anything odd be sure to tell me! Download...
  4. Cheezegami

    PC [Town NPC] Martian Trader

    So the Goblin invasion and the Pirate Invasion as events all have a reward that makes them, getting loot or not, worth doing once. For the Goblin Invasion that is getting the Goblin Tinkerer NPC (or at the very least the possibility to find him) and for the pirate invasion it's the Pirate NPC...
  5. Cheezegami

    Drawings & Paintings Cheeze's Art and Sprites

    On here I'll post some of the art I've made, for more go see my deviantart page. http://flyforshine.deviantart.com/ Let's start this thread with one of the drawings based on the game called Wakfu that I've made. They are in chronological order. Feel free to leave requests or suggestions and...
  6. Cheezegami

    Hardmode Extraction: Converted Silt/Slush

    This is a port of my original thread on Terraria Online, see it here: "http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/hardmode-extraction-converted-silt-slush.150283/" As you all know, the Extractinator gets kind of useless when entering the hardmode. So I was thinking, maybe the "Spirits of the Light...
  7. Cheezegami

    flyforshine is now Cheezemaniac

    I was known as flyforshine on the Terraria Online Forum. http://www.terrariaonline.com/members/flyforshine.1222/ I've owned the game since release and even played the leaked versions before that. I'm an adept spriter for weapons and objects and a noob spriter for armors and monsters. I like...
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