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  1. Nekohime

    Mushroom Set value is Zero?

    It appears the new mushroom set has a value of zero. https://terraria.gamepedia.com/Mushroom_set As far as I know this is the only vanity armor with no price. Is this working as intended? I find this rather weird as it's of blue rarity and found only in mushroom chest.
  2. Nekohime

    tModLoader Question about waterstyles

    For my first attempt at modding I want to attempt to make gemstone fountains. http://tmodloader.github.io/tModLoader/html/class_terraria_1_1_mod_loader_1_1_water_style_loader.html I was wondering how exactly the fountains work and how to create an override for the water_style so that it draws...
  3. Nekohime

    So I finally started modding and have a few questions.

    I'm quite familiar with programming in general, and thought I would give modding a try. 1: What programs do I need? Do I just need Tmodloader and Visual Studio? 2: How do I go about distributing my mod.
  4. Nekohime

    Turtle Mount broken?

    I might be out of mind. But you need to tap jump repeatiliy to make this thing swim?
  5. Nekohime

    Crimson Rod and NImbus Rod Changes

    I'll be honest i'm not a fan of either these items. And that's because they have 0 knockback and that's to prevent them from being used to create barriers. Which makes sense do to how they function trap an enemy in a hole and rain death from above. Then I had an idea though. Two actually. What...
  6. Nekohime

    Client Side Issue With Terraria.

    For some reason my achievements and statistics are reset on terraria when a shutdown my computer. But they remain on steam. I was talking with a friend and it seems this is not a bug but a problem I'm having. Is anyone else experiencing this problem. And does anyone know how to fix it?
  7. Nekohime

    tModLoader Creating a Quicksand Block

    Trying to figure out if this is possible before I make the assets for them. Standing on it would cause the player (unless Dunerider boots are equipped) and npcs not those native to the desert biome such as antlion chargers) to sink into it. Being completely engulfed would cause your velocity to...
  8. Nekohime

    Fighting Empress of Light During the Day with no mounts gravity potions or hardmode stuff.

    I've decided to attempt to fight her during the day. This is a ranger build btw. Mostly doing it for bragging rights. Restraints No hardmode accessories, weapons, or armor. No mounts or minecarts No Gravity Potions or Gravity Globe. No Rod of Discord I think I have a good idea of what I'll...
  9. Nekohime

    PC A few Ideas for future Whips

    -Scorpion- This whip is dropped rarely by Sand Poachers and resembles a scorpion tail it cause your minions to inflict venom some of the time. (note this would synergize with the pygmy staff as the pygmies can inflict poison and venom as well) -Blue Death- A blue whip found in the Locked...
  10. Nekohime

    PC Achievements Keep Resetting client side.

    I don't know why. But my achievements keep resetting client side as of the 1.4.5 Update. I have all of them unlocked on steam though.
  11. Nekohime

    PC Curious if this is considered normal?

    So I made a drunk world with seed 5162020 size small (Garden of Sinners) This is my spawn point. I'm spawning in the crimson as it's in the middle of the world.
  12. Nekohime

    Steampunker: Fleshcloing Vat/Decay Chamber Changes

    Why: Currently it is possible to manually bring corruption over to crimson worlds and vice versa. However the Steampunker only sells one our the other. (Even in drunk worlds!) Problem:It is possible to craft both lesion and flesh blocks with the right block from the flesh grinder but you can...
  13. Nekohime

    PC Oasis that generate naturally in evil/crimson are not converted.

    I've seen it happen in drunk worlds only. I have yet to find an actual seed that has any oasis in the crimson if i do ill let you know. There will be the ebonsand/crimsand blocks underneath but normal sand and regular oasis plants, cactus, and palm trees above.
  14. Nekohime

    PC Flower Boots Improvements

    Currently the flower boots grow flowers and spawn strange plants if used in the jungle you can farm the unique baits there. However what if it also caused Life Fruit to spawn in the jungle once defeating a mechanical boss in hardmode? I am suggesting this because in small worlds, life fruit is...
  15. Nekohime

    Drill Containment Mount options

    I think this should have the option to select blocks, walls, or both. It currently only effects blocks.
  16. Nekohime

    WIP 1.3.3 Desert Suggestions

    As @Cenx mentioned. The aforementioned 1.3.3 will focused on the desert. Atmosphere It would be nice if the underground desert not to mention the underground snow should had their own tracks. Also Living Cactus perhaps, as well as living mahogany furniture and living cacti furniture. Game...
  17. Nekohime

    PC Purfication Water and Shroom Juice

    Both are thrown water items Purification purifies alternate biomes such as Hollow and Corruption for example. Possible Crafting Recipe: Bottled Water Sunflower Vicious Powder or Corrupt Powder Shroom Juice seeds Shroom Grass Possible Crafting Recipe: Bottled Water Mushroom Grass Seeds Blue...
  18. Nekohime

    Pre Hardmode Purification

    So here is my question. Which method would be more efficient in isolating the corruption/crimson from the world. Purification Powder Explosions P.S. We need Purficiation Water and Shroom Juice
  19. Nekohime

    PC Blood Moon Medalion

    Function: Summons Blood Moon Crafting Ingredients: 15 Vile Powder/Viscous Powder 3 Corrupt Seed/Crimseed 1 Black Lens Tool Tip: Makes even the moon bleed. Notes: Must be used at night obviously and if used during the new moon the following message plays and the item is wasted. "I am sleeping...
  20. Nekohime

    Developer Appreciation Thread

    Now that we've all had some time to enjoy 1.3 I think it's time we show some appreciation to our development team. Thanks for all your hard work guys. It's your hard work that makes this game so wonderful. :)
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