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  1. Doylee

    Fallout 4: The Brotherhood, The Railroad, or The Institute. Where do you stand?

    *WARNING. MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. READ AT OWN RISK.* I have created the Poll as well for people who merely want to chime in a quick opinion, but the option is, of course, open to those that participate in the discussion below. Fallout 4 has shown to be a very morally questioning game in...
  2. Doylee

    Doylee's "Ask me Anything" thread.

    Hey guys, after we decided to move this over to the Social Forums section, I decided this may be a fun little activity to partake in with you guys. So if you'd like, go ahead and ask me anything :) Here are a couple facts about me, just so you know who I am a little bit better as a person: I...
  3. Doylee

    Rounded Tile Corners

    So, I was pondering this for a while now. We have Slanted Tiles now since 1.2, and upside down slanted tiles recently. During a build, I had an idea about something new to implement regarding an extra function. I propose an implementation of a system, where we have the ability round a tiles...
  4. Doylee

    Other Forum shenanigans.

    Most of us probably peruse other forums besides the Terraria ones. If you do, you probably know that there are much wackier things happening on other forums. I make this thread in hopes that we can share funny or bizarre internet happenings with each other. I'll start first. If you thought...
  5. Doylee

    Crimtane Brick

    (DISCLAIMER: I'm probably not the first person to think of this, but for a "final update", this needs to be highlighted) Since 1.2, I've never understood why Demonite gets to become a decoration object (With a slight, cool glow) rather than an ore. All the while, Crimtane's only use is to...
  6. Doylee

    Ectotorch / Sinister torch

    So, while myself and a member (Dinnerflax) were making an area look prettier in our server's dungeon, we could never get the lighting correct because we didn't have an item that really captures the look of the dungeon. We had our wisps out of course to build, but while killing mobs, it occurred...
  7. Doylee

    Evening the Dungeon Walls

    So I bet we've all had that world where in the HM Dungeon that spawns pretty much just one kind of wall throughout the entire dungeon ( let's say, the kind that spawns blue Armored bones ), save for that small square room with a different type ( a small room with Rusty Company ), and pretty much...
  8. Doylee

    Console Destiny thoughts.

    3 weeks into the game, it seems like Destiny is holding pretty solid so far with its community. However though, there are many mixed opinions of the game as well. If you have it, do you like it so far? Do you have a favorite thing you like about the game? Something perhaps you want changed? Or...
  9. Doylee


    So, you just went digging for ore, or for general spelunking purposes. You have come out of the Soul of Night or Light grind and find you have stacks of Crim/Ebonstone or Pearlstone. What if you want it turned back into stone? I've found it rather silly that the only way to change stacks into...
  10. Doylee

    Most rage worthy moment you've experienced.

    I'm fairly certain we've all had one of those moments where you are incredibly mad at a certain mob butchering you when it is near death, or just sheer bad luck getting the better of you (such as the Eater of Worlds knocking you into the chasms). What's your most ragetastic death you've ever...
  11. Doylee

    Hello (again) Everyone!

    Finally glad to see this whole Community move has gone very well so far! Was lurking more often than not on TO, and I plan to be active more so now. Looking forward to all the new interesting topics and new community content that is going to be dished out now! Happy slaying in your adventures...
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