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  1. direwolf420

    Tool tSpritePadder - Ready-to-use sprites for Terraria tiles

    tSpritePadder Disclaimer: This tool is aimed towards modders and spriters who are sick of Terrarias conventions for tile spritesheets. Also Windows only. Creates ready-to-use sprites for Terraria tiles given a normal sprite. Comes with some additional features. How to use Install .NET...
  2. direwolf420

    Logitech RGB support doesn't restore the profile after quitting game

    Version: Logitech G Hub version: 2019.3.18138 My default profile is "no lights at all" I have the "allow games to override rgb settings" enabled in the G Hub When I start the game, mouse, as intended, shows the light properly When I quit the game, it doesn't go into "no lights at all"...
  3. direwolf420

    tModLoader Chat Source - Shows the source of messages in the chat

    Chat Source Download via Mod Browser ingame! Only available on version 0.11 of tModLoader! For those who need to know which mod writes stuff to the chat! Shows the source of messages in the chat. Clientside, toggleable via config. Example: Before: "Your world has been blessed with...
  4. direwolf420

    Terraria Sound Suite - Customize all ingame sounds (and more)

    Terraria Sound Suite Download via Mod Browser ingame! Only available on version 0.11.5 of tModLoader (and above)! This mod allows you to replace and modify ingame sounds however you like. It also comes with a 'deaf mode' which makes sounds visible in the world. (Almost) everything in this...
  5. direwolf420

    tModLoader Pet Renamer - Allows you to name your pets

    Pet Renamer Download via Mod Browser ingame! Only available on version 0.11 of tModLoader! This small mod allows the player to name the summon item of any pet, so that the pet will show its name when hovered over it (similar to how NPCs show their name) There are two ways to use this mod...
  6. direwolf420

    tModLoader AnnoyingSoundReplacer

    AnnoyingSoundReplacer Does what the title says, replaces a certain annoying sound to a less ear drum damaging one, sometimes used for magic weapons in other mods (Twin's Ire from Thorium Mod or Electrospark from Laugicality for example) Video showing what the sounds are: Description...
  7. direwolf420

    tModLoader ItemMagnetPlus - Customizable Item Magnet

    ItemMagnetPlus UPDATE: v1.0.2.1 is out, check the changelogs! (For older versions of this mod, download them here) ItemMagnetPlus adds a single item called "Item Magnet" that does the obvious thing: Sucking in items around you so you don't have to run around and collect them yourself. It is...
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