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  1. Rednax35

    What was Old is Made New Again: Revisting the Terraria Experience

    I love the new sprite and background artwork. It just looks so much more detailed, natural, and lively.
  2. Rednax35

    Terraria Launch on Nintendo Switch

    Wow. I definitely wasn’t expecting a release this early. Now I have 2 games to look forward this week, that being this and Super Mario Maker 2. I have $20 on standby but I’m pretty sure the game will be about $30
  3. Rednax35

    Re-Logic Announces Terraria: Journey's End at E3!

    I think I'm a bit too hyped about Golf.
  4. Rednax35

    Introducing the Void Vault and Void Bag

    Combine this with the Safe in the Piggy Bank method and you can get a ridiculous amount of inventory space.
  5. Rednax35

    Terraria State of the Game - February 2019

    Question: Will the Amazon Fire version of the game receive the 1.3 update? I thought I read on the Wiki that it won't, but I just want some confirmation as I'd love to transfer my saves manually between my old Fire and my current phone.
  6. Rednax35

    Official Calling All Terrarians: Send in Your Mobile Saves!

    Question: Does the Kindle Fire version of the game count? I have a good save there that I haven't touched in years that I'd like to submit. Only problem is that Google Drive refuses to link Terraria to my drive and says "We can't safely link your Google Drive to this app"
  7. Rednax35

    Solar Flare Armor keeps dashing on it's own

    It didn't work. It might be because I'm using Ubuntu 18.10, as I don't experience this issue when I'm playing the game on Windows 10.
  8. Rednax35

    Solar Flare Armor keeps dashing on it's own

    No, I am not getting double input issues in other applications.
  9. Rednax35

    Solar Flare Armor keeps dashing on it's own

    Keyboard and mouse.
  10. Rednax35

    Solar Flare Armor keeps dashing on it's own

    All of a sudden the Solar Flare Armor just started to dash whenever I was holding left or right even when I didn't double tap the buttons. Can someone help me out with this because it's getting really annoying just having my character dash when I don't want it to. EDIT: I should mention that I...
  11. Rednax35

    If You Could Add An Achievement To Terraria, What Would It Be?

    Festive Brawl: Do the Frost Legion and the Frost Moon at the same time. Lunar Collector: Obtain all items dropped by the Moon Lord
  12. Rednax35

    Texture Packs not working on Linux Mint 19

    So I started dual booting Linux Mint 19 and Windows 10 on my computer, and I installed Terraria, copied over my characters, screenshots, worlds, etc, and turned on Experimental Features in the config.json file. When I went to launch the game, the game wouldn't start up. It just said...
  13. Rednax35

    What is the first game you ever played?

    Ms. Pac Man
  14. Rednax35

    If You Could Add An Achievement To Terraria, What Would It Be?

    That really wouldn't be possible because the Moon Lord is much faster than the player if the player isn't wearing Armor or Accessories (if that counts) and it would one shot you if you only had 100 Health and no armor. And not to mention it's impossible to hit him with a Wooden Sword without...
  15. Rednax35

    If You Could Add An Achievement To Terraria, What Would It Be?

    Bloody Murder: Kill a boss on a Blood Moon You had one job: Have your entire world Corrupted/Crimsoned Glimmering World: Have your entire world Hallowed Rage of the Jungle: Kill Enraged Plantera Rage of the Ocean: Kill Enraged Duke Fishron You monster: Kill a Bunny Classic References: Wear the...
  16. Rednax35

    Toughest mechanical boss you have ever fought!

    Twins. Spazmatism's Eye Fire when he gets close destroys me everytime when using Pre-Mech gear and when I'm not running away from him
  17. Rednax35

    What are your favorite mounts?

    Slime Mount because it can jump on enemies and Cosmic Car Key as it lets me fly indefinetly and is fast
  18. Rednax35

    Your first few days as a noob

    At first I thought Modifiers for weapons were actually the name of the weapon, like how I thought the name of the Nature's Gift item was the "Arcane Nature's Gift" I thought the Eater of Souls was a boss I thought Goblin Theives actually took items Also I didn't want to go to the Corruption as...
  19. Rednax35

    Terrarians, show us your "I must screenshot this" moment

    I unintentionally found a King Statue so I did this
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