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  1. ps3wolvrine14

    HD Afram - A Terraria Texture Pack

    ^you got a typo in that post. you have crimtane 2 times, I'd assume the first one is HM tier 3 and the 4th one is the real crimtane.
  2. ps3wolvrine14

    @digitus you know the origin of "khaios" but don't know khaios is a guy?

    @digitus you know the origin of "khaios" but don't know khaios is a guy?
  3. ps3wolvrine14

    Store Builder's Workshop (All Items)

    I know the 1.4 version was missing "tome of infinite wisdom", but i had had the world since within 2 weeks of 1.4's launch so no idea if it was updated in or not.
  4. ps3wolvrine14

    Terraria Bad Ideas

    Thats already a thing.
  5. ps3wolvrine14

    Terrafine - Resized Terraria Texture Pack

    It's something that would unfortunately pop up on most 'new content' updates. Some 1.4 textures were spilt into a new texture file but alot of decor items end up stacked into 1 texture file. However with 1.4.1 being labeled as the last update (minus potential bug fixes as '1.4.1.X') there...
  6. ps3wolvrine14

    Cc submission if still available.[MEDIA]

    Cc submission if still available.
  7. ps3wolvrine14

    Tool TEdit - Terraria Map Editor

    Just curious, is there a way to use the copy tool where you only a specific thing within your selection? By which i mean i always have it copying everything, but i want to only copy 1 layer not every layer. I sometimes only want to copy the tile but i always end up grabbing the wall type and if...
  8. ps3wolvrine14

    Not every great builder has the time to every build suggestion they are given. Builds take...

    Not every great builder has the time to every build suggestion they are given. Builds take time. I have a build going on that has a large amount of time already spent on it, and I'm not even 1/12th of the way done. I'm going to put out a WIP spoiler into the CC at some point.
  9. ps3wolvrine14

    PC Looking for low performance texture pack

    Only things to improve performance are in the settings menus you can disable a bunch of visual details. Journey mode's ingame tweaks can impact performance. (I do NOT recommend speeding up time on low end computers)
  10. ps3wolvrine14

    Tuxedo Texture (wanted)

    Your idea could actually be done by changing the charater textures for one of the clothing styles but you have to manually edit each layer of the base outfit. And then get the familiar vanity set to hide armour. However there is several suit vanity items and dye to recolor if you wanted some...
  11. ps3wolvrine14

    PC Rabbit perch into "Cat perch"

    You can do it very simply however you will have to do a fair amount of self design. 'Simply' find the texture for said clothing, convert it to a image file, open it in a image editing software that has transparent background's (i use gimp as MS paint would make the transparent layer white and...
  12. ps3wolvrine14

    Is there any template texture pack available?

    I tried to find one not to long ago and simply found that apparently you are not able to share the default textures, only texture packs that players make. There is a folder in the game files that contain all textures however you have to manually convert them out of the base files using the...
  13. ps3wolvrine14

    Mobile Gravity portal gun glitch

    Holding the portal gun increases fall speed, as far as i could tell your video didn't seem to have any weirdness. Are you saying that when you hit the portal you get a spike on your movement speed value?
  14. ps3wolvrine14

    Mobile Jungle Temple above ground

    Definitely some strange world gen. But i do have a good question no one else has thought about. What game update is this world from? As far as i can tell, Waldo shrines are no longer in the game. And no ond asked about tue world size. Smaller worlds ens up with stranger world gen due to...
  15. ps3wolvrine14

    Mobile Invisible 'targets'

    You could go in, from world spawn mark out which way to go and border these objects then upload the world file here.
  16. ps3wolvrine14

    Resolved [Mobile] Plantera bulbs doesn't spawn

    That's a bonus to the newer file system the game uses, everything before mobile 1.3 the files were accessible only by rooted devices. I recommend digging out flat areas left and right. Increase the area in which they can spawn but also in a place that you are able to pick. Also on mobile blubs...
  17. ps3wolvrine14

    Mobile Beenades

    I did that for a few different things in 1.4, my laptop is old so it really hated it. I recommend just slowing down the rate at which you toss them. I can't remember the requirements to get meteorites to spawn but if you can get them without beating him then the full armour and gun could be...
  18. ps3wolvrine14

    Mobile Spiky ball traps not working

    When i make traps like this i use spike spear spike spear. But i prefer spear because spikes hang around and hurt you.
  19. ps3wolvrine14

    Resolved My Dryad dissapeared (Mobile)

    Just to make you aware, once a NPC requirements are met they randomly spawn in to a randomly chossen vaild house around 4:30am, if you have multiple NPCs to spawn in (say invasion at main base and 5 npcs there and they die) they might spread out a bit throughout the morning hours. The only...
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