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    Linux Sound progressively fails during Old One's Army

    When playing the Old One's Army event, eventually the sounds of battle stop playing. It's hard to describe, but not all the sounds stop at once, the different sounds seem to stop separately. The music continues for some time after the combat sounds stop, then that stops too (possibly when the...
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    Some towns/bases I've been building, 1.4 style

    So, now that apartment buildings have been panned by the Homeowner's Association, I've been doing up little bases for my NPCs in various biomes. Still have a few more to do before I go for Hardmode, but I figure I've got enough to post a thread: So, my Jungle and Main-base images turned...
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    A brief phillippic against the appearance of the Void Vault.

    Note that I have no complaint about the functionality here, the extra storage and the Void Bag's pickup ability is great! But that Vault is a serious eyesore. Anywhere you put it, it's the brightest thing on the screen, and forget about painting it! And while the color kinda goes with demon...
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    Rare Crafting Stations should be able to reproduce themselves.

    There are several specialized crafting stations which are found in specific places, and which may be rare in a world (or absent, but this suggestion doesn't deal with that). I propose that these crafting stations should be able to craft another of their own type, with a standard cost of perhaps...
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    Resolved Bone Block walls are not tiling properly.

    They look like disconnected tiles, not the continuous pattern shown on the wiki. Picture attached.
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    **REPORTED** Some pets stick way too close to player

    So far I've noted this with two OOA pets,, the Dragon Egg and Gato Egg. They hover at the player's shoulder, and follow closely at all times, often behind the player as they move. Aside from blocking nearby scenery, this just doesn't look properly "pet like". Heck, even my Magic Lantern...
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    Resolved Stucco walls are wierdly dark.

    In 1.3.5, Stucco walls made for an appealing pastel option for room backgrounds. In 1.4, through, they have all become weirdly dark (and desaturated, so paint doesn't help).
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    Cheesing the Old One's Army in 1.4 with Boulder Statues.

    The title pretty much gives it away -- boulder statues make a downright deadly addition to your OOA arena. Even with a 15 second cooldown, the boulders do 60-80 damage with infinite piercing. Garden gnome optional. ;-) For Tier 1, especially with my imps blasting away, they just leave the...
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    Fixing the Amber Staff: How about Midas?

    So, there's the Amber Staff. Not really bad, but you'll certainly have the Ruby or Diamond staff first, if not better magic weapons. So, it needs something to make it worth while... Now, I don't want to just go "nu-uh, amber is better than diamonds" and bump up its stats. I was thinking...
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    Let the Tavernkeep pay medals for OOA drops.

    That's basically the idea: Let the Tavernkeep buy OOA drops and pay medals for them. This would provide a way to make up the odd medals lost by early failures. If you're really nervy, you might even be able to sell him Etherian Mana (perhaps 1 medal for 10 mana) during the event. Of course...
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    The game is welcoming me back....

    After over a year elsewhere, I fired up Terraria for a fresh game, and the Random Number Gods seem to love me now. Even during early ramp-up, I got at least 6-8 golden critters, one time I had two onscreen at once. (Shoulda screenshotted it.) Buncha crates from early fishing, too. That said...
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    Fix prices on Golden furniture, chests

    Most of the Golden furniture set, dropped by the Pirates, is salable for 2 gold. However, for certain items this seems to be overridden by the furniture item's "usual" price: The Work bench, Dresser, and Piano sell for coppers, and the Chest sells for a single silver piece (low even among...
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    Banners should also show hovertext

    Thinking about my other suggestion for cages, it occurred to me that banners could benefit from that too. (They're not so distinctive, especially when you get into the variations on a theme....) I couldn't figure out how to change the title on the other post, so new post for this one.
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    Hair Dye feedback...

    Having realized that I've completely forgot which Hair Dye I had going, I'd like to suggest some game feedback there. Simple enough: Both the Dresser GUI and the Hair Stylist's interactions should mention which (if any) Hair Dye you have active.
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    Filling in options for Stained Glass

    So, this is actually several suggestions, in increasing order of complexity: All the Stained Glass and Gemspark recipes should be moved to the Glass Kiln. There should be Clear Stained Glass, With the texture of stained glass but clear. It would be crafted from glass walls, and could also be...
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    Terraria/Jars should show hovertext for their captive

    That's pretty much it in the title -- a placed jellyfish jar, butterfly jar, or caged critter should show the captive's name as hovertext, similar to a named chest or sign.
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