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  1. ps3wolvrine14

    Mobile platform stairs glitch.

    This stupid and annoying stair bug drives me crazy. basically the texture that drops down from one platform stair to a platform under and over a block flips around if you have a block nearby. (Pic included.) It only happens with hammer "3" stair. (going Up to the right) it would be nice to...
  2. ps3wolvrine14

    where did all my data go??

    I haven't played in a couple days, today i load up the game and get the green loading icon for a min then the extracting files thing then the normal boot up, when the game loaded up all my data was missing. After a minute the screen goes black then i get the google connecting icon and account...
  3. ps3wolvrine14

    what is this?

    So i made a new character to move items around between worlds, i went into one world and started picking up items, filled my ivlnvo and went to a piggy bank, hit deposit all and the first 4 rows (left to right) remained empty, i tapped on the empty slot, it didn't highlight but i got text in the...
  4. ps3wolvrine14

    few weord issues with backup/cloud

    I have 3 issues/bugs The one i just learned about is the backup system is only coping saves, there has been talk of a few things that i don't get. (Like a tag "-back" or promts over which save is newer when you use the older save?) I had my first backup glitch out and never update (no saving...
  5. ps3wolvrine14

    Resolved Living fire blocks?

    Do the living fire blocks not drop on mobile? I have done a lot of farming (even post golem) and i can't seem to get them. It's reported to be on mobile but doesn't seem to drop.
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