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  1. ChimeraWarden

    Switch Buy Reindeer Bells

    Hi! As the title shows, I’m looking for Reindeer Bells. I can pay well (within reason) or can trade. You want a cell phone? An ankh Shield? Moon lord treasure bag? Anyways, please contact me if you have one!
  2. ChimeraWarden

    Switch Targeting in Reverse Gravity

    When gravity is inverted, targeting does not work correctly. Ex:. If there’s an enemy on the top of the screen, flip gravity, and while the enemy moves to the bottom, the targeting cursor still stays on top of the screen. It is among one of the many nuisances of using gravitation potions for...
  3. ChimeraWarden

    My AMA

    ask a guy who spends way too much time on terraria and the wiki anything. Please no NSFW questions, as I will have them taken down.
  4. ChimeraWarden

    Like to see White Cultist Fighter and Caster

    According to the Fandom Wiki, there is a White Cultist Fighter and Caster. If you have a picture of them, I would like to see them. If you play Flight Rising, I can give you 14 gems.
  5. ChimeraWarden

    Moderators should get in-game items

    I think that considering all the hard work they put into the terraria community forums, and being such significant people in the terraria community, they should at least get an in-game pet, painting, etc.
  6. ChimeraWarden

    Switch Change Sandstorms

    On Switch, it seems like 85% of the time, there is a sandstorm. The combination of the wind moving the player, excessive spawns, and particle effects, it’s just annoying. But I’m no saying to nerf it. I’m thinking that when 1.4 come to Switch (or any other console), Sandstorms should be based on...
  7. ChimeraWarden

    Switch Want to buy Corrupt Key

    I would like to get a corruption key so that I can get a Scourge Of The Corruptor. I’ll pay 10 platinum.
  8. ChimeraWarden

    My AMA

    Ask a guy who spends way too much time on Terraria and Terraria Gamepedia anything. What weapons to use on bosses, accessories, etc. Please only include bosses present in 1.3.5, as I don’t play Mobile or PC. Please nothing about race, religion or anything nsfw.
  9. ChimeraWarden

    Resolved [Mobile] What are these?

    I got this screenshot of ChippyGaming’s video. specifically, what is the sickle and cane? Looks like the Death Sickle and Classy cane. Any ideas?
  10. ChimeraWarden

    Switch Buy Miner Pants (Negotiable)

    I would like to buy the Miner Pants. I am trying to get the full set, but can’t seem to get the Pants. I will pay 50 gold. I am willing to negotiate the price.
  11. ChimeraWarden

    Switch Want to buy Reindeer Bells

    I can pay well. Name your price, and we’ll negotiate.
  12. ChimeraWarden

    Console Guide for Mage Playthroughs

    If you need help with a Mage class playthrough, I can provide tips. If someone asks for advice on a section, I’ll put it up on the top of the page so nobody else asks that same question. Starting Out Don’t limit yourself to mage until you have a magic weapon. 1. Explore the nearby area. If...
  13. ChimeraWarden

    Switch Looking to help players

    I’m looking to find players who need help progressing. However, I won’t do all the fighting. I’m looking to help people, not hand over victory. If you need help, send me your friend code. I can work over the weekend (but not the 12-13th)
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