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  1. Mr. Slenderman

    Slender's riders

    I am a simple guy who realy like riding mounts in Terraria. And when 1.3 was released I was amazed with all that new mounts an dyes. But some weeks ago I discoverd the magic spell of spritig, I am not realy good at spriting but I like to mix them. Like I can make a player riding the Drakomire...
  2. Mr. Slenderman

    The hell bunny

    Hi everyone I have a little stupid story about an old Terraria day (still 1.3 update) . My brother was playing Terraria and he fall down into the hellevator right into the hell. When he was flying throught the obsidian houses he saw a bunny. A BUNNY INTO THE HELL!!! It was not a bunny caught...
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