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  1. sparador(ita)

    tModLoader if I add NPCs to mod normal NPCs spawn rarely

    I have do a mod that add some NPCs to the game , but normal NPCs spawn very rarely, I dot know why and the spawn frequency of my NPCs aren't too hight , so anyone can help me?
  2. sparador(ita)

    fantasy mod

    This is the Fantasy Mod. It opens a portal to a fantasy world. You obtain strange items () that open the portal to the fantasy world and the LoL world, in Terraria you get weapons and other things. I hope you enjoy this mod, ask me for anything, search me on the Terraria Forums or Steam, my...
  3. sparador(ita)

    local multiplayer mod graduation

    I have paste the basic code to do a mod that enable the local multiplayer, I want that when the 1 player beacame more strong the 2 player can obtain (with the crafting) a new entity to control becouse there was only 1 local multiplayer mod It is avaible on tmodloader browser, but I put the...
  4. sparador(ita)

    help please I have a problem

    I want do a beautiful mod but it say :error CS1703: An assembly with the same identity 'Ionic.Zip.Reduced, Version =, Culture = neutral, PublicKeyToken = edbe51ad942a3f5c' has already been imported. Try to remove one of the duplicate references. I search evrywhere this problem but I...
  5. sparador(ita)

    my mod

    this is my first mod and I add some karambit (tactical war weapons) and a punch gun and one more ore I link one of my weapons immage:
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