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  1. Willexwun

    tModLoader Celestial Mod

    Hello. I know that my posting has been scarce, and project time long, but I have finally an update! I have been working my butt off trying to finish enough so that I can release an actual preview, but I need more time. Thus for, I will mention all the progress done in the past few (Many)...
  2. Willexwun

    tModLoader Strength in Numbers RPG Mod

    Ok. So I was starting work on a final fantasy mod, when I had this idea. Here is the Idea I had, but I need a lot of help to do this! A party is a group of people who work with you on fighting monsters. This "Party" is a good idea if you equip each class with the right items. First you find a...
  3. Willexwun

    tModLoader Cultists Plus Mod (Still Needs a Better Name.)

    Please note this is Heavy W.I.P and most likely won't be done for a few weeks, maybe a few months if I can not find three more coders and two spriters. This may not be a hard mod to code, but the items and NPCs will take some time... Please be patient and wait, or offer help. I want people to...
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