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  1. TheCheeseBroker

    Make Sandstone Brick craftable with Hardened Sand Blocks

    Sandstone Brick should be craftable with "Any Sand"
  2. TheCheeseBroker

    Ability to make upside-down half-tile

    Also left and right half-tile It would be a nice addition to the game. Since there's slope in all 4-direction It only fair that half-tile got the same too.
  3. TheCheeseBroker

    Upside down half-tile

    Also left and right half-tile You might thing this is such a small addition that won't add anything to the game. But if you take you time and think about it. It's a very small thing but, I just need it in my life It would be a nice addition to the game. Since there's slope in all 4-direction...
  4. TheCheeseBroker

    Endless Blood Moon

    Just got my 6 consecutive blood moon. (-_-) Well, at least I got to collect present, Getting tired of this.
  5. TheCheeseBroker

    PC Placing object on platform

    There's an issue that if you place an 1wide-object on top of a platform that is hammered a certain way it will instantly break. This problem doesn't effect 2wide-object As you can see the bottle couldn't be placed at the same spot because of way the platform have been hammered.
  6. TheCheeseBroker

    Old Pc on new update.

    I had a look at several of the 1.3.6 Spoiler, and wonder how would an old Pc stand against the 1.3.6 update? How much performance would the update cost? I am aware that would most likely be an option to turn them off. Any thought?
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