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  1. PulseFox

    I cant be alone with this opinion...

    Infinite flight mounts... Everyone loves them. Never a need to touch the ground during a harsh fight. But theres something about them i dont like... Ups: Infinite flight. Not too rare. One has speed buff from water. Looks pretty cool to most people. What i dont like: Slower than reindeer...
  2. PulseFox

    The Emperor of china...

    There is one secret rule to this game, if you figure it out, please dont tell anyone, let them figure it out themselves. You must state one thing that "The Emperor of china" likes, and one thing he dislikes. Nothing more nothing less. (Roll title) The Emperor of china likes coffee, but not...
  3. PulseFox

    A small building tip.

    I was building on a multiplayer world for NPCs, and i saw Crystal Blocks. Instantly started building, but wait... theres no crystal furniture. So, what looks the most alike? Granite! Granite furniture fits well with it, so if you are building a crystal castle and needs fitting furniture, Granite...
  4. PulseFox

    PC Crystal serpent wanted

    I have been trying to get a crystal serpent on my latest mage playthrough, but ive had no luck so far. and so, i was hoping to trade (or buy) a crystal serpent. I do have quite a lot of things to trade. One of the things is a crimson key that i got randomly, but i dont need it cause hes a mage...
  5. PulseFox

    PC Make your own Terraria themed cursors!

    (important: theese will not change your in-game cursor, only on desktop, browser etc.) Ever felt like you need a little Terraria theme to your computer? You can add a Terraria background. Simple. But what if you wanted something you see almost all the time to be themed? Like, your cursor? Well...
  6. PulseFox

    Resolved My account dosent work?

    so the problem is just like this: whenever im viewing a thread and my cursor hovers over alerts, it says that im not logged in. but next to the inbox button it says that im logged in. i dont get it, please help!
  7. PulseFox

    Crossbows, not like bows.

    (update:added more crossbows.) The common terrarian ranger gets to choose from some different types of weapons during his/her's travels. bows, guns, explosives, or even flamethrowers. but sometimes they are mostly the same. guns are either insanely fast or insanely slow, with high power. but...
  8. PulseFox

    reforge something, and see what name it has.

    (i know the name is unspecific, but its the only name i could thing of that made sense) so, there are things that ive found that when they have a specific reforge,get an awesome name that sounds OP, wierd or awesome in any other way. here you can say what yours is! mines is probably that...
  9. PulseFox

    does anyone want to play terraria with me?

    hey there, i have been playing terraria alone now for some time, it was a while since i played with someone, i feel like doing it again! i can host, but i cant use skype, because something makes so that when im in a skype call, sounds from other thinggs like terraria start to come from the...
  10. PulseFox

    PC Tree-things

    i need theese things: 1 living wood wand. 1 leaf wand. 1liviong loom. i got quite a lot of money and lots of things to trade. if you have all of theese, one or two of theese things, tell me. trade is hopefully done with hamachi, if you have that available. thanks.
  11. PulseFox

    Just noticed the stake launchers hidden ability.

    i will let this screen shot talk: its not even reforged, and does that amount of damage, to Vampires only. kinda cool, and sticks to the lore that stakes are effective against vampires.
  12. PulseFox

    PC Starting kits!

    Does anyone else agree that the regular starting weapon: the copper shortsword is a little bad if youre going mage or ranger? Well here's an idea: when you make your character, you can choose what you are going for: warrior, ranger, sorcerer or summoner. The warrior starting kit will give you...
  13. PulseFox

    Longest Farm time for one item(or multiple)

    post about the times where you just want to give up after so long time of farming for something. like i, farmed for 2 hours for a slime staff,and more for a pally hammer on a different save.
  14. PulseFox

    The Terrarian 5 questions

    Terraria is a quite big game. most things about it is known by many, but there are things that some need answers to. so theese questions might get answers. make a post here, with five questons about Terraria related things, or answer questions put upp earlier. only post questions once every...
  15. PulseFox

    someone explain a Terraria crash plz.

    so. for some reason, my terraria has crashed twice in 20mins now. maybe its because my disc space is low? maybe i have too many things running? i dont know. somebody plz help.
  16. PulseFox


    this is just hilarious. know the horsemans blade? well i used it. on a slime. i will let the picture explain the rest. has a pumpkin head ever locked on to the dryad for you????????
  17. PulseFox

    Loot all.

    so whenever you press the ''loot all'' button ever noticed where the text of what you grabbed comes up? here's one example:
  18. PulseFox

    Explosive FAILS.

    have you ever thought ''oooo a unreal grenade launcher? this is a GOOD idea!''? well i just did. and guess what. i kill a tactical skelly. runs for the loot and obviusly i used the grenade launcher at him. so just before the loot a rocket blows upp and i die. i explodonated. it was a BLAST. (im...
  19. PulseFox

    PC Pally hammer. just... please

    i have some things to trade and some money. say what you want ill see.
  20. PulseFox

    PC imp drops a plumber hat?

    i got into hell (in endgame) and finds an imp. kills it and gets a plumber hat????? was he making pipes down in hell for the lava? or a mario-wanabe?
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